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2023 Windham Bombers Football Preview

2023 Windham Bombers Football Preview


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor



Jake Eye

(6th year, 21-23 career record)




Coaching Staff: Rob Penney, assistant head coach and defensive coordinator; Jerry Kiser, offensive and defensive lines; Tim Murton, offensive and defensive lines; Chase Eye, defensive backs; Anthony Augaitis, defensive backs; Larry Jones, running backs; Brian Tackett, special teams coach.

2022 Record: 4-6.

Returning Lettermen (17): Anthony Paolella, sr.; Anthony Wiley, sr.; Jace Heil, sr.; Jack Eye, jr.; Carlos Bruton, jr.; Zack Porter, jr.; Dylan McCune, jr.; Brandon Petrich, jr.; Jayquon Smith, jr.; Austin Cales, jr.; Omar Duran, jr.; Kaishawn Scales, jr.; Matt Kolaczek, soph.; Gavin Kiser, soph.; Jordan Ridenbaugh, soph.; Ethan Thornton, soph.; A’zeon Davis, soph.

Lettermen Lost (4): Chase Eye, Wyatt Hanshaw, Zack Turk, Lucas Churchill.



The Bombers will have more size, and more importantly, more depth up front this season.

“We have much higher expectations this year for our linemen,” Eye said. “The key to our offensive success relies on our big guys in the trenches.”

Windham has a strong group of skill-position players and its backfield, as a whole, is as strong as it has been in Eye’s six-year stint.

To maximize the skill, the Bombers will run its traditional Wing-T offense.

“We are excited to see what we can do, as we have plenty of speed and size to move the ball down the field,” Eye said.



The Bombers will likely give their opposition multiple looks at quarterback.

Dylan McCune is the leader of the group, and he has a strong arm.

Gavin Kiser may also step in and get some action behind center.

“Both are efficient and know how to manage the game,” Eye said.

When the Bombers want to mix it up, expect to see Jack Eye and Carlos Bruton line up in a Wildcat-type formation.



There is plenty of quality depth in the backfield, with Eye, Bruton and Jayquon Smith all providing speed and power.

Bruton is the team’s top returning rusher from a year ago, when he rushed for 484 yards behind Chase Eye’s team-leading 1,279 yards. 

Smith is returning from a knee injury and Jack Eye is moving to a featured role in the backfield.

“All three of our guys have size, strength and athleticism and will be able to bust a big play at any time during the game,”  Eye said. “The potential is there for us to have multiple 1,000-yard rushers this season.”

Adding depth are Austin Cales, Xzavier Mossier and Louden Collins.



Anthony Paolella anchors the group, and Eye said he plans to “lean on him quite often.”

“He has great footwork and also the size and strength to clear the way for our backfield,” Eye said.

A’zeon Davis, Matt Kolaczek, Omar Duran and Jordan Ridenbaugh will be key factors across the line.

“All have experience and are a year bigger and stronger,” Eye said.

Eye’s biggest relief is in the fact that his team has much more depth, with the additions of Kaishawn Scales, Jace Heil, Daniel Madgett, Seth Jones, Jake Collins and Brian King.



Kolaczek and Brandon Petrich will be the starters. Both have size and strength for solid perimeter blocking, but also have shown the ability to get out in space to receive the ball.

“We are excited to see how they progress over the course of the season,” Eye said.



The primary target will be Anthony Wiley, who brings speed and athleticism.

“We look for him to stretch the field for us,” Eye said. “We will invert him, too, to be a factor in our jet game.”

Cam Hardrick, Austin Cales, Zack Porter, Daherin Silver and Ethan Thornton will also be part of the team’s receiving group.



The Bombers’ base will be a 4-3.

“We want to be aggressive to the ball and be in constant attack mode,” Eye said. “We need to sure up our defensive backfield, but we have made good strides in competing and getting better each day.”



Eye, Smith, Ridenbaugh and Petrich spotlight this group, with size, speed and aggressive pursuit.

All four are returning starters and have the potential for big seasons.



The middle will be held down by Davis, Kolaczek and Heil, while the edge rushers will be Eye and Paolella.

“Both Jack and Anthony are tough to deal with, and they will cause a lot of havoc for any offense,” Eye said.



The main group will be made up of Bruton, McCune, Wise and Wiley, but Eye expects several others to get some action.

“Speed and athleticism is not the issue, but it is the experience that we lack,” Eye said. “They all have progressively improved over summer camp and have the skills, but now we just need to put it all together.”

Thorton, Porter, Cales, Jacob Cody and Ian Carmen will provide depth.



A’zeon Davis, Matt Kolaczek, Daherin Silver.



“Like always, we battle the numbers game. Although we are rostering 29, we still are very young and lack experience in some areas,” Eye said. “We need to avoid injury — unlike our first game last season. If we can stay healthy and continue to buy in and work hard, we feel we can surprise some people this season.”

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