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OHSAA announces reduced tickets for high school football playoffs

OHSAA announces reduced tickets for high school football playoffs


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor

The Ohio High School Athletic Association announced on Monday that it was reducing all ticket prices for the current high school football playoffs.

Tickets had been $12 for an adult and $9 for students if purchased by preorder online.

However, tickets had all been $15 — for adults and students — at the gate.

The OHSAA’s announcement to reduce prices on Monday moves all adult tickets to $12 (gate or online) and all student tickets to $9 (gate or online).

The ticket price change is effective immediately.

The $15 gate charge had drawn attention and pushback from fans and even legislatures, with Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) and Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County) introducing House Bill 311, which targeted the ticket prices and aimed to place a cap on them.

The state of the playoff tickets was covered extensively in this week’s Portage Sports Newsletter.

Ahead of Monday’s ticket-price change, here is an update on the state of the situation.

   • OHSAA Director of Media Relations Tim Stried told Cleveland.com: “The increased cost for a cash ticket is the result of several factors, including cash sales needing more security offers, more time needed for reconciliation and accounting, and finally, more time from our auditors.”
• HB 311 was introduced by Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) and Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County). It would keep the price of a student ticket below that of an adult ticket, while also keeping the student ticket price the same whether it was purchased online or at the gate.
• In a press release, Edwards said: “The OHSAA should be ashamed of themselves for charging $15 for a ticket to get into a high school playoff game. These games are supposed to be about the school, community, team, band, cheerleaders, and families, but for the OHSAA it is only about the money. There will be many family members missing games because of these outrageous costs.”
• GOP House Speaker Jason Stephens called the prices for a student ticket “unfortunate.” He told Cleveland.com: “For $15 for a kid to go to a football game, I think, is something we need to look at,” he said. “It’s really important for our community and for our kids to be able to support your schools.”
• The Cincinnati Enquirer requested a comment from the OHSAA about the proposed bill and the OHSAA responded by saying: “The Ohio High School Athletic Association is aware of the legislation introduced today, October 27, regarding the gate price set for OHSAA tournament games and that the gate price is higher than the online ticket price, particularly as it relates to student tickets. The OHSAA will continue to discuss this issue today and over the weekend with lawmakers and the OHSAA Board of Directors regarding any changes to the cash price of tickets. More information will be released on Monday, October 30.”


  1. Mikeu Wallace October 31, 2023

    OHSAA is sitting on 19 million dollar war chest while making more money off the backs of all the schools .The schools get nothing. When all said and done OHSAA directors take an all expense paid trip in January. Still the schools get nothing. Criminal.

  2. Scott B October 31, 2023

    Extra money for accounting and reconciliation. Sounds like thetop are getting pay increases and more perks.

  3. Mike Ensign October 31, 2023

    I read a article where the head of OHSAA want to keep 20 million on hand every year and maybe just maybe give schools only $1250. Sounds like their hoarding money for themselves. Need to bring Jerry back

  4. John McCallister October 31, 2023

    The problem is that the Executive Director is try “get even” every time some one questions him. The stage is too big for him. The host get virtually nothing. There is just too much at the OHSAA that is covered up. The Director of football costs me at least 300 years ago. Oh well

  5. Chad N. November 1, 2023

    I think all the money should be split between the schools playing! What does OHSAA have in it?? NOTHING! Do they send employees to evey game to take tickets? Get field ready? Clean up after games? Not that I see!! These schools get next to nothing why they suck all the money for HIGH paid EXECUTIVES!!

  6. john blosser November 2, 2023

    OHSAA needs to be shaken up to the core.

  7. Evelyn W November 2, 2023

    Also, the Cross Country meets…..you might get to see your athlete 2 or 3 times max in a 20 minute race….cost $16

  8. Jim Wilkins November 2, 2023

    We literally skipped a game last night because of the price. The prices are still too high. You know they knew what they were doing was wrong when they didn’t hesitate to lower the prices


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