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About Us


Welcome to Portage Sports!

We are excited to be a new local source for all things Portage County and all things sports. Our mission is to not simply write articles for you to read, but, instead, craft stories that weave the fabric of your communities.

Sometimes people say, “It’s only sports.” It is our belief that sports are only sports if that is all you allow them to be. Our coverage is built on the understanding that sports are a powerful tool to developing the next generation of smart leaders in our communities. A student-athlete is held accountable, learns to communicate, compromise, listen and lead. They discover the rewards of hard work and realize how to handle heartbreak.

Sports have the power to naturally bond people inside their own community, while also developing a relationship between the people in neighboring communities.

We look forward to earning your trust with our coverage and building strong connections throughout the county by making a difference with our stories and actions.


The publisher of Portage
Sports is Tom

Nader, who was born, raised and still lives in Portage County. He is a 2000 graduate of Rootstown High School and a 2004 graduate of Kent State’s journalism program.

He has spent 22 years covering Portage County schools and athletics in a variety of capacities, including writing, editing and designing.