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Skaggs wins Portage Sports Pigskin Picks championship

Skaggs wins Portage Sports Pigskin Picks championship


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


Portage Sports introduced its Pigskin Picks for the 2023 high school football season.

In total, 30 participants joined the competition and were required to select their expected winners for approximately 10 games per week through the 10 weeks of the regular season and the first week of the playoffs.

After all of the picks were made, it was Nathan Skaggs who won the challenge championship.

Skaggs, who is a Coventry High School graduate (Class of 2018) and former Comets standout quarterback, finished with an overall record of 103-10. Portage Sports owner Tom Nader will present Skaggs with his championship trophy in the coming days and that presentation photo will be shared on Portage Sports.

Skaggs’ final mark was three games better than runner-up Keith Arnold, of Mogadore, who was 100-13.

A three-way tie for third place, with Mike Leigh, Jim Manion and Tom Rauber all finishing 99-14.

As part of the competition, which will return for the 2024 high school football season, there was a “Sponsorship Team,” which featured a new local business owner making picks each week. The Sponsorship Team featured Tom Siciliano of Siciliano’s Pizzaria, Kent entrepreneur Mike Beder, Deian Longgood of Deez and Razorlined Barber Shop, Gary Miller of Miller Garage Door, Joe Gonzalez of Aurora’s LeeAngelo’s Pizzeria, Paul McEwuen of Sarchione Chevrolet Garrettsville, Christy Duvall of Universal Concrete and Excavating, Johnny Meyers of Meyers Fence Company, David McElwain of Cast Out Design Landscaping and Snowplowing, Mike Keegan of Keegan Seasonal Landscaping and Lisa Maiorca of Stoney’s Pizza in Windham.

Here are all of the final records.





Nathan Skaggs: 103-10

Keith Arnold: 100-13

Mike Leigh: 99-14

Jim Manion 99-14

Tom Rauber: 99-14

Mike Richeson: 97-16

John Lehner: 97-16

Brett Dubinsky: 96-17

Corey Lehner: 96-17

Dan Karp: 95-18

• Portage Sports Owner Tom Nader: 94-19

Jeremy Allen: 94-19

Lee Horning: 93-20

Mike Bellar: 92-21

Gary Humberson: 89-24

David McElwain: 89-24

Tom Byich: 88-25

George Belden: 88-25

Deian Longgood: 87-26

• Sponsorship Team: 87-26

Casey Timmons: 86-27

Mike Keegan: 84-29

Matthew Monsman: 84-29

Alex Blake: 83-30

Robert Melzer: 77-36

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