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Striking a Balance: Lang narrowly misses perfect 300 game

Striking a Balance: Lang narrowly misses perfect 300 game


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Former manager of Spins Bowl, Keith Lang, just missed a 300 in the Perfect Trio League.

Lang rolled a 299, leaving that pesky single pin on the final ball.

High series was tossed by John Kertis, putting four games together for a 1,052.

The women in the league shared the wealth as well as Bonny Bender bowled a 266 and Lisa Osborne an 878 series.



A few new names at the top of the Garden Spot League.

Shane Yesovich rolled a high game of 286, with Joe Swanson adding a 767 series. For the women, Stephanie Carden found her mark for an outstanding 287 high game as Erin Jackson topped the high-series board with a solid 705.



Carter Flachbart continues to roll the ball well on the bowling lane. This week, Flachbart rolled a 185-514 to lead the league.

For the girls, Emily Morrison tossed an outstanding 204 high game on her way to a 509 series.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083





WOODLAND’S TRIO: Doug Griffin 279-785, Tabitha Schlupe 270-744.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Keith Lang 299, John Kertis 1,052, Bonny Bender 266, Lisa Osborne 878.

KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Hal Lehman Jr. 236-644, Blenda Halter 178, Betsy Mako 475.

FUN CLUB: Bonnie Tripplett 146-362, Phyllis Meonske 376, Carol Trego 141.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Thomas Prater 214-620, Rachael Hohman 245-581.

FRIDAY CASINO SPRING: Peter Negron 300-730, Heather Gard 276-626.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Kelly Stebner 232-599, Lynnette Szabat 227, Sherry Tauscher 542.

GARDEN SPOT: Shane Yesovich 286, Joe Swanson 767, Stephanie Carden 287, Erin Jackson 705.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Rich Daniel 237, Zach Mangus 700, Shannon Robenstine 202-544.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SENIOR TRIO: Jerry Losh 259, Fred Endres 657, Tabitha Schlupe 225-559.

ELKS AND FRIENDS: Corey Daniels 279-742, Tabitha Schlupe 240-658.

ROOFING GUY: Scott Hensley 278-711, Ashley Kuhns 231, Kimberly Roberts 578.

GATEWAY CASINO SPRING: Hank Adams 300, Logan Furry 751, Kim Peel 217, Alicia Lindon 614.



SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Carter Flachbart 185-514, Andrew Duvall 172, Ryan Kertis 500, Emily Morrison 204-509, Coco Wijnhoven 159-428.

SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Bryson Horner 116-201, Lilly Renkel 79-149.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 252-434, Maranda Ailes 145-275.



(Entry forms and info available at Spins Bowl, Kent; Kent Lanes, Kent; and Sky Lanes, Garrettsville and online at Facebook: Portage County USBC.)

  • Feb. 11 — Portage County USBC Handicap Singles, Kent Lanes, Kent.

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