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Bowling Report: Field introduces boys and girls bowling for 2023-24

Bowling Report: Field introduces boys and girls bowling for 2023-24


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


It is always exciting when a new sport is added to a school’s athletic department roster.

That is the case this season for the Field Falcons, as the sports of both girls and boys bowling becomes a student option for competition this season.

“Over the years, students had expressed interest to Michael Geraghty, Field High School principal, and to the athletic department,” said Brian Misanko, Field’s first-year athletic director. “We knew we would have enough students, and we were the only Metro Athletic Conference school without a team.”



“We are thrilled with our numbers for both genders and expect the program to grow over time,” offered Misanko.

Coaching the teams will be Scott Bower for the boys and Amanda Kusar for the girls.

Both are excited about the upcoming season.

Kusar, who just finished the fall season as the girls golf coach, takes over the new girls bowling team with eight girls out for bowling.

Kusar offered that the team is looking forward to being a part of the MAC this season.

“We are a brand new team. I wanted to help out as the coach,” she said.

Bowlers included on the roster are: Makayla Doak, Kylie Finley, Melinda Walker, Savannah Fanger, Theo Amonett, Sterling Markel, McCayla Meffert and Allison Hinkle.

“Makayla Doak might be the bowler to watch,” said Kusar. “Her family also bowls.”



Bower has a busy coaching schedule, as he is also the Falcons’ boys tennis and boys golf coach.

A special-education instructor in his first year at Field High School, Bower said he is bonding well and getting to know the students quickly.

“I can already tell I am going to enjoy my time with the boys bowling team,” Bower said.

“James Bullard is is a high energy, friendly and bright face here at Field,” said Bower, noting Bullard is a bowler to watch on the roster. “He is a promising bowler and has enjoyed the sport in the past.

“Other bowlers to watch are Ryan Roosa, a senior, who is very excited for a bowling team to be created here at Field. He is a dominant bowler and is expected to help carry Field to victory. Another younger bowler is Peyton Hover, a ninth grader with extreme talent and promise at Field. He will be making varsity this year and is supported by his father, who is a bowling enthusiast.”

Bowlers on the Field boys bowling roster include: Seniors Billy Hall, Jacob Kucalaba and Ryan Roosa; junior Caleb Brastine; sophomores James Bullard, Joey Dilworth, Kalel Holmes; and freshmen Peyton Hover, Lukis Neufer, Tristan Reuting, Cameron Riggle and Richie Tingler.

Field begins competition Saturday at the Metro Athletic Conference Preseason Tournament, starting at 10 a.m. at Spins Bowl in Kent.

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