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Striking a Balance: Endres, Schlupe sit atop doubles leaderboard

Striking a Balance: Endres, Schlupe sit atop doubles leaderboard


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Fred Endres and Tabitha Schlupe were again at the top of the men’s and women’s leaderboards in the White’s Senior Doubles League. Endres rolled a nice 265 on his way to a 657 series, while Schlupe led all women, rolling a 224 high game and 629 high series.

Ed Skilton was a solid 109 pins over his average when he rolled a 535 series with a high game of 198.

Dave Senerchia, bowling as a sub, worked his way up the ladder for his games, rolling 214-215-216 for a 645 series.

Max O’Mara rolled her highest lifetime game, a 148. O’Mara carries a 101 average.



In the Elks and Friends League, both Corey Daniels and Ron Elwood tossed 300 games to lead the league. Elwood also earned high series, a 780.

The women didn’t reach perfection, but Tabitha Schlupe tossed a 280 game on her way to a 764 high series.

Usually, this column does not recognize the 300 games bowled in the Casino Leagues because they are fun leagues and 300 games are easier, however, in the Gateway Casino League, there were four 300 games bowled by Logan Furry, Frank Dixon, Bob Hartley and Shane Lindon.



In the Spins Bowl Junior League, Will Brown and Ryan Kertis shared the top of the leaderboard as Brown bowled the high game (263) and Kertis the high series (599).

For the girls, Emily Morrison was at the top rolling a 162 high game and 476 high series.




Jarrod Gauntner’s 259-497 and Meredith Rang’s 154-289 led the leaderboards in the league.




Outstanding games and series made their way to the top as Adam Walters rolled a 298 high game and Nick Morehead a 723 series. Abby Smith bowled a 204-581.




Gage Baldwin (73) and Khaliah McCoy (134) earned high game and series honors for the boys. Baylee Baldwin found her mark for a 96 game and 169 series.



April 7 — Senior Memorial Tournament, Kent Lanes beginning at 1 p.m.

April 13 — Portage County USBC Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 10 a.m.

April 27 — Portage County Youth Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 9 a.m.

Entry forms available at area lanes and on the event pages for the Portage County USBC.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083).





WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Fred Endres 265-657, Bruce Prochaska 231-624, Larry Thomas 227-600, Jack Steele 224-597, Tabitha Schlupe 224-629, Robin Wise 191-503, Liz Hickman 179-462, Jane Roop 174-509.

GARDEN SPOT: Bob Hayne 289, Kevin Miller 744, Nick Williams 276, Mark Lias 743, Joe Swanson 275, Patrick Adolph 731, Sarah Plaso Rudawsk 258, Alicia Yacono, Erin Jackson 246-640, Alicia Yacono 246, Teri Plaso 640.

FUN CLUB: Elaine Wimer 141, Phyllis Meonske 138-390, Gertrude Kelly 140-325, Bonnie Tripplett 325.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC: Kathy Wolfe 230-573, Robin Wise 214, Kelly Stebner 213-563, Lynnette Szabat 531.

WOODLAND’S TRIO: Derrick Simon 290-758, Brian McAllister 287, Dale Hahn 258-691, Jason Norris 654, Tabitha Schlupe 258-700, Pat Helsel 219-523, Brandi Ware 203-508.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: James Bender 276-886, Joey Hardin 268-973, Ron Elwood 268-897, Zoe Bevilacqua 222-819, Laura Elwood 172-634.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SENIOR TRIO: Larry Stout 256, Fred Endres 722, Raymond Weinman 244, Troy Allison 639, Jerry Losh 231, Doug Contofalsky 621, Tabitha Schlupe 699, Pat Helsel 183, Robin Wise 179, Corky Farquhar 505, Deb Wilson 129, Liz Hickman 427.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Scott Hankins 268-717, Jerid Sogor 258, Ryan Rosinski 702, Troy Workman 257, Derrick Simon 669, Shannon Robenstine 192-473, Wanda Gehret 182-529, April Jones 171-491.

ELKS AND FRIENDS: Corey Daniels 300-716, Ron Elwood 300-782, Chris Myers 267, Tom Day 693, Tabitha Schlupe 280-764, Erin Mellinger 192, Jennifer Pope 508, Laura Elwood 184-499.

FRIDAY CASINO: Kent Papczun 300, Dale Hahn 819, Steve Thompson 300, Bruce Rogers 790, Rich Zielenski 287, Peter Negron 763, Roberta Papczun 258-636, Marilyn DeVaul 230, Carie Hanna 611, Heather Gard 218, Connie Thompson 543.

GATEWAY CASINO: Logan Furry 300-816, Frank Dixon 300-833, Bob Hartley 300, Shane Lindon 300, Steve McCarley 717, Tessa Galloway 266-616, Alicia Lindon 245-655, Clara Butcher 235-598.



SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Gage Baldwin 73, Khaliah McCoy 71-134, Gage Baldwin 130, Baylee Baldwin 96-169, Olivia Lenington 82-148, Gabriella Stevens 82-158.

HIGH SCHOOL MATCH PLAY: Adam Walters 298-717, Nick Morehead 248-723, Justin Miller 256-710, Abby Smith 204-581, Kaitlyn Hammerschmidt 201-549, Abby Toronski 178-520.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 259-497, Logan Cox 201-402, Donald Flegal 148-274, Meredith Rang 154-289, Maranda Ailes 125-228, Clarissa Drouhard 119, Rachele Castner 225.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Will Brown 203-506, Ryan Kertis 200-599, Brayden Burnett 181, Will Brown 506, Emily Morrison 162-476, Amiah Neiswanger 151, Jordyn Brigham 151-419, Kylie Jackson 396.

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