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Striking a Balance: Madden, Morrison, Simon among youth bowling standouts

Striking a Balance: Madden, Morrison, Simon among youth bowling standouts


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Dominic Madden led the Spins Bowls Juniors League, tossing a 200 high game and a 527 high series.

The girls high set was rolled by Emily Morrison, a 179-457.

The youngest bowlers on the lanes are always happy when they find success with a strike, a spare or one of their best games.

That was the case for Dylan Simon who rolled a 102 high game in the Bumper League on his way to a 179 high series.

However, it was the girls taking the spotlight as Delanie Baldwin scored a 115 high game and a 211 series to best the bowlers in the league.

Jarrod Gauntner continues to impress in the Special Needs League. Gauntner rolled a solid 257 high game and a 474 series. Maranda Ailes was the best among the women, 170-297.



Fred Endres has been on fire in the White’s Senior Doubles, near or at the top of the leaderboard each week.

This week was no different, throwing a 235 game and a 692 series.

Tabitha Schlupe was at the top of the women’s leaderboard, 243-693.

In the Perfect Fit Trio League, John Izquierdo rolled a 290 game and an 878 series. Zoe Bevilacqua and Laura Elwood shared top of the leaderboard honors — as Bevilacqua rolled the high game of 225 and Elwood finished with a 667 series.

One 300 game this week, Brian Moreno in the Garden Spot League.

In the Elks and Friends League, Ron Elwood just missed a perfect game by only one pin, topping out with a 299 high game. Kevin Kommel captured high series, a nice 726 with a 267 high game.

In the Mike’s Gals League, Jen Henderson rolled a 223 for high game. Sherry Tauscher was only nine pins behind for second-high game (214), but remained consistent through her three game set for high series, a 598.

John Brown joined the “missed-it-by-one-pin” club, tossing a 299 in the Roofing Guy League, topping out with a 737 series. Neil Martin captured high series with his 740 effort (259 high game).



April 7 — Senior Memorial Tournament, Kent Lanes beginning at 1 p.m.

April 13 — Portage County USBC Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 10 a.m.

April 27 — Portage County Youth Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 9 a.m.

Entry forms available at area lanes and on the event pages for the Portage County USBC.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083).





WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Fred Endres 235-692, Jack Steele 217-593, Norm Priebe 211-541, Tabitha Schlupe 243-693, Betsy Mako 212-542, Sue Koerber 187-500.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: John Izquierdo 290-878, Joey Hardin 942, Parker Addison 279, Bob Szarka 278-880, Zoe Bevilacqua 225-616, Laura Elwood 181-667.

GARDEN SPOT: Brian Moreno 300, Ryan Livengood 779, Robby Roberts 286-777, Dennis Carden 279-767, Aleks Kiss 280-666, Lauren Swanson 670, Teri Plaso 254, Jessica French 248-647.

KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Chip Kwsnek 213, Hal Lehman 212-543, Matt Dunch 527, Bob Mineo 526, Eric Bollinger 205, Glenda Halter 189, Alex Meluch 180-485, Betsy Mako 174-482, Cynthia Jones 479.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC: Jen Henderson 223, Sherry Tauscher 214-598, Kelly Stebner 222-579, Dineen Rudibaugh 527.

WOODLAND’S TRIO: Derrick Simon 279-724, Jason Polack 245, Jerry Hartong 524, Doug Griffith 243, Zach Mangus 621, Tabitha Schlupe 253-691, Cindy Ables 197-529, Maranda Ailes 191, Brandi Ware 516.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Craig Gilli 279-602, Jason Leyland 203-546, Thoma Prater 549, Jerry Losh 189, Krista Dockery 215-553, Jeannie Dockery 193, Karen Marino 517, Carie Hanna 191-502.

FUN CLUB: Elaine Wimer 152-402, Phyllis Meonske 144-422, Jenette Frederick 152-392.

FRIDAY CASINO SPRING: Henry Hobdy 300, Alex Lostetter 300-841, Dale Hahn 300-819, Steve Thompson 742, Carie Hanna 243-593, Connie Thompson 239-645, Terri Spooner 231-610.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Bruce Pruchaska 258, Kevin Basom 627, Fred Endres 235, Troy Allison 618, Doug Costofalsky 213, Raymond Weinman 581, Robin Wise 185, Tabitha Schlupe 694, Pat Helsel 169, Pam Perry 522, Marilyn Cerny 161, Corky Farquhar 430.

ELKS & FRIENDS: Ron Elwood 299, Kevin Kommel 267-726, Jon Marshall 278, Dave Melinger 716, Tabitha Schlupe 279-740, Karla Kommel 212-556, Jennifer Pope 187-519.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Troy Workman 278-785, John Hankins 272, P.J. Sirianni 688, Derrick Simon 267, Kevin Robenstine 688, Robin Wise 205-589, Shannon Robenstine 197-510, Wanda Gehret 172-510.

ROOFING GUY: John Brown 299-737, Neil Martin 259-740, Justin Keeney 287-702, Neil Martin 259, Ashlee Kuhns 192-498, Ashlee Cottrell 192-519, Yvonne Rafferty 181-495.

GATEWAY CASINO: Hank Adams 300-832, Shane Linden 290-799, Steve McCauley 287, Jeff Cooper 778, Clara Butcher 268-592, Alicia Linden 255-699, Paige Robinson 220-599.



SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Dominic Madden 200-527, Dylan Crites 191, Ryan Kertis 467, Brayden Burnett 180-462, Emily Morrison 179-457, CoCo Wijnhoven 160-426, Kylie Jackson 147-370.

SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Dylan Simon 102-179, Matthew Briggs 81-149, Gage Baldwin 80-157, Delanie Baldwin 115-211, Baylee Baldwin 95-162, Gabriella Stevens 79, Dakota Simon 152.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 257-474, Logan Cox 190-362, Donovan Blaze 147, Brian Lewis 271, Maranda Ailes 170-297, Hannah Huber 136-243, Meredith Rang 128-251.

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