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Striking a Balance: Spotlight on Perfect Fit Trio and Garden Spot leagues

Striking a Balance: Spotlight on Perfect Fit Trio and Garden Spot leagues


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


For the first time in many weeks, a perfect game was not reported except for the casino leagues.

But high scores and successful series were still the norm on the lanes.

Many of the leagues are looking toward the end of the season and the start of spring and summer leagues as champions will be crowned.



Aaron Ross, bowling in the Perfect Fit Trio, came as close to a 300 as possible, tossing a 299 high game on his way to a 918 four-game set.

Zoe Bevilacqua led the women in the league with her 198-678 effort.

Jolson French joined the miss-it-by-one-pin list as he rolled a 299 in the Garden Spot League. He was at the top of the league for high series as well, rolling a 847. Linda Bardoun was the best among the women, hitting her mark for a 257 high game and a 659 high series.



Carter Flachbart (221-541) and Emily Morrison (206-581) topped the Spins Bowl Junior League and Bryson Horner (87-164) and Gabriella stevens (81-147) were the best among the bowlers in the bumper league.

The Special Needs League has been a staple at Spins Bowl for many years.

This season’s bowlers are demonstrating their skills as Jarrod Gauntner bowled a nice 254 high game and a 471 two-game set. Maranda Ailes tossed a 168-329.



April 7 — Senior Memorial Tournament, Kent Lanes beginning at 1 p.m.

April 13 — Portage County USBC Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 10 a.m.

April 27 — Portage County Youth Open, Sky Lanes beginning at 9 a.m.

Entry forms available at area lanes and on the event pages for the Portage County USBC.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text 330-206-9083.





MIKE’S GALS: Kelly Stebner 235-579, Lynnette Szabat 224-606, Pat Helsel 192, Sherry Tauscher 539.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Aaron Ross 299-918, Joey Hardin 265-946, Parker Addison 268, Aaron Ross 918, Zoe Bevilacqua 198-678, Laura Elwood 172-638.

KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Don Boland 213-563, Dave Horning 203-540, Bob Minno 194, Chip Kwisnek 536, Chris Hill 210-527, Betsy Mako 167-464, Cheryl Smith 165, Darlene Kolar 454.

WOODLAND’S TRIO : Randy Rasile 267-650, Doug Griffin 266-726, Nick Arlequeeuw 246, Jason Norris 676, Tabitha Schlupe 244-653, Eileen Kelly 181, Maranda Ailes 173, Pat Helsel 500, Mary Coen 491.

GARDEN SPOT: Jolson French 299-847, Ryan Roderick 279, Jeff Bardoun 783, David Randazzo 279, Mark Lias 279-779, Linda Bardoun 257-659, Jennifer Pope 251, Alicia Yacono 659, Erin Jackson 245, Teri Plaso 628.

FUN CLUB: Jenette Frederick 136-333, Sis Moneypenny 132-343, Phyllis Meonske 128-326.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Thomas Prater 236-692, Craig Gilli 215-544, Ken Sedlock 200, Jason Leyland 537, Karen Marino 243-596, Rachel Hohman 236-607, Krista Dockery 182-551.

ELKS & FRIENDS: Tom Day 277-715, Ron Elwood Jr. 258, Jon Marshall 246-704, Corey Daniels 678, Tabitha Schlupe 229-625, Jennifer Pope 224-632, Erin Mellinger 214-547.

WHITE’S SENIOR TRIO: Dave Senerchia 246, Troy Allison 709, Doug Contofansky 221, Raymond Weinman 612, Tom Walker 216, Jerry Losh 593, Steve Knapp 216, Patti Andrews 200, Tabitha Schlupe 680, Marilyn Cerny 166, Corky Farquhar 498, Pat Helsel 138, Liz Hickman 423.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Steve Knapp 252, Kevin Robenstine 246-716, Frank Dixon 247-660, John Hankins 688, Shannon Robenstine 203-530, Wanda Gehret 184-508, April Jones 168-468.

FRIDAY CASINO SPRING: Vince Yost 300-855, Seth Burnett 300, D.J. Paulat 771, Alex Lostelter 290, Bruce Rogers 747, Roberta Papczun 253-662, Anna Herbert 219, Cheryl Elliott 585, Brittany Evans 213, Jennifer Burnett 571.

ROOFING GUY: Frank Dixon 267, Scott Hensley 720, Justin Keeney 265, John Brown 265-717, Greg Cornell 678, Ashlee Cottrell 196-537, Ashley Kuhns 191-555, Connie Thompson 182-524.

GATEWAY CASINO: Hank Adams 300-754, Frank Dauge 278, Steve McCarley 739, Shane Lindon 266, Bob Hartley 725, Alicia Lindon 242-670, Clara Butcher 230-642, Paige Robinson 222, Courtney Shirey 519.

TUESDAY WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Bruce Prochaska 257-660, Jim May 256-659, Fred Endres 233-646, Tabitha Schlupe 278-721, Patti Andrews 212-500, Betsy Mako 192-516.



SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Bryson Horner 87-164, Gabriella Stevens 81-147, Lilly Renkel 61-120.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Carter Flachbart 221-541, Dominic Madden 207-524, Brayden Burnett 203, Ryan Kertis 519, Emily Morrison 206-581, Jordyn Brigham 164-452, Coco Wijnhoven 145-434.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 254-471, Brian Lewis 199-318, Logan Cox 170-333, Maranda Ailes 168-329, Ashley Valerius 126-229, Hannah Huber 121-227.

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