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Striking a Balance: Carden and Moore are latest to roll 300s

Striking a Balance: Carden and Moore are latest to roll 300s


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Spins Bowl continues to host league bowlers that are finding their way to perfect games.

This week, Denny Carden and Rich Moore both achieved the 12-strike game in the Garden Spot League.

Derrick Simon and Patrick Adolph rolled the high series, a 789, and Alicia Yacono bowled the best for the women, tossing a 257 game on her way to a 686 series. Jackson edged Yacono for high series, bowling a 694.

Kevin Kommel, in the Elks and Friends League, was one pin shy of perfection, rolling a 299 and finishing with an outstanding 737 series.

In the junior leagues, Ryan Kertis led the way with a 259-664.



In the White’s Senior Doubles, halfway through the 16-week league, Mario Laramee rolled a 279-722 that was 107 pins over his average for series.

Jack Steele also had a solid afternoon, bowling a 237-673 that was 97 pins over his series average.

The women were led by Tabitha Schlupe 227-601 and Cathy Lisic 182-466. Betsy Mako rolled a 503 series.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text 330-206-9083.





WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Mario Laramee 279-722, Jack Steel 237-673, Tabitha Schlupe 227-601, Cathy Lisic 189-466, Betsy Mako 503.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Kelly Stebner 279-643, Cheryl Golbski 228-556, Robin Wise 195, Sherry Tauscher 530.

GARDEN SPOT: Denny Carden 300, Rich Moore 300-793, Derrick Simon 789, Nate Williams 299, Patrick Adolph 789, Alicia Yacono 257-636, Erin Jackson 247-694, Melissa Deakins 235, Bonny Bender 625.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Drew Beitzel 279, Ron Elwood 869, Troy Allison 253, Grayson Speck 869, Zoe Bevilacqua 269-796, Laura Elwood 208-748.

WOODLANDS TRIO: Dan Ware 267, Derrick Simon 247-662, Dale Hahn 245-657, Tabitha Schlupe 234-690, Nancy Zolgus 182, Maranda Ailes 484.

KSU FACULTY STAFF: Hal Lehman 223-626, Dave Horning 204, Chip Kwisnek 502, Jean Polack 197, Cynthia Jones 500, Chris Hill 184-490.

FUN CLUB: Jenette Frederick 162-389, Bonnie Tripplett 149, Phyllis Meonske 388.

ELKS & FRIENDS: Kevin Kommel 299-737, Wade Morrow 279, Mike Verona 755, Dale Hahn 731, Rabitha Schlupe 246-718, Jennifer Pope 223-556, Karla Kommel 202-543.

FRIDAY CASINO: Dale Hahn 300-746, Ray Logsdon 300, Steve Thompson 290, Seth Burnett 724, James Knapp 723, Tomi Spencer 258, Connie Thompson 614, Roberta Papczun 242-607.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Thomas Prater 236-645, Jerry Losh 218-578, Karen Marino 217-610, Carie Hanna 191-537.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Bruce Prochaska 247, Dave Senerchia 242, Doug Contofalsky 666, Raymond Weinman 666, Pam Perry 209, Tabitha Schlupe 672.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: D.J. Madden 279-715, Zach Mangus 268-690, John Hankins 247, Troy Workman 685, Shannon Robenstine 195-525, Wanda Gehre 191-528.

ROOFING GUY: Dexter Worthy 278-732, John Brown 265-768, Yvonne Rafferty 232, Courtney Martin 220-597, Ashlee Cottrell 568.

GATEWAY CASINO: Rick Bower 300, Bob Hartley 769, Tessa Galloway 251, Courtney Shirey 683.



SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 240-411, Logan Cox 204-397, Maranda Ailes 155-284, Meredith Rang 142-247.

SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Khalah McCoy 81-156, Matthew Briggs 58-111, Lilly Renkel 101-182, Gabriella Stevens 77-147, Olivia Lenington 67-133.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Ryan Kertis 259-664, Domnic Madden 192-499, Jackson Adolph 189, Will Brown 468, Jordyn Brigham 180-474, Kirsten Harvey 163, Coco Wijnhoven 439.

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