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Striking a Balance: Portage County quartet roll best team game in the nation

Striking a Balance: Portage County quartet roll best team game in the nation


Receiving a national USBC honor award recognizing the achievement of tying the highest mixed team game in the nation for three men and one woman are, from the left: Neil Martin, Courtney Martin, Scott Hensley and Brian Glass.

By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Bowling in the Roofing Guy League, the mixed team of Scott Hensley, Courtney Martin, Neil Martin and Brian Glass rolled the best team game in the league, a 1,091.

Portage County USBC board members knew it was better than that.

The game bowled by team was tied for the highest mixed team (three men and one woman) game in the nation.

Their scores: Courtney Martin 256, Brian Glass 275, Neil Martin 280 and Scott Hensley 280.

By USBC standards that is an honor score that deserves recognition.

Gathered in front of the teams in the Roofing Guy League, Hensley, the Martins and Glass received their plaques honoring the remarkable achievement.

Shawna Potteiger, president of Portage County USBC, presented the plaques, recognizing the team for their outstanding performance.

Members of the USBC Portage County board were present, including Jimmy Champ, Jeremy Grund and Amanda Kiss.



It is no surprise that Scott Hensley had the high series in the Roofing Guy League, a 687.

Neil Martin rolled the second-high game at 267 and Courtney Martin led the women with a 254-599. The team members are often at the top of the league.

Joining them this week were Toby Keeney, 279 high game, Tammy Black, a 208 game.

In the Woodlands Trio League, Cindy Ables bowled the high game, a 277.

There was one perfect game this week.

John Kertis accomplished the dozen strikes in one game in the Perfect Fit Trio League. Ryan Ambler was only 10 pins shy of the high game of Kertis with his 290. Olivia Brace led the women in the league, a 258 high game and Bonny Bender rolled a 787 high series.



Dylan Simon was the best on the lanes among the youngest bowlers. Simon rolled a 114 high game and a 204 series.

It was the Baldwins leading the girls. Baylee rolled 112-238 and Delante tossed a 97-188.

In the Spins Bowl Juniors, Ryan Kertis tossed a 234-655 and Emily Morrison a 225-529 to top the weekly leaderboards.



Today, the Portage County USBC Handicap Singles rolls off at Kent Lanes. Watch for results of this local tournament.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083).





WOODLANDS TRIO: Doug Griffith 244, Jim Pzasek 244-672, Brian McAllister 664, Tabitha Schlupe 254-723, Cindy Ables 277-600.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Kelly Stebner257-738, Sherry Tauscher 215-542.

GARDEN SPOT: Ryan Roderick 290, Nick Williams 792, Patrick Adolph 280-761, Josh Flachbart 279, Brad Fulks 747, Alicia Yocono 279, Teri Plaso 269-694, Tabitha Schlupe 664.

PERFECT FIT TRIO  : John Kertis 300-1,136, Ryan Ambler 290, Jim Dukes 953, Olivia Brace 258-779, Bonny Bender 223-787.

KSU FACULTY STAFF: Hal Lehman 215-596, Bob Minno 213, Don Boland 561, Darlene Kibler 180, Chris Hill 486, Alex Meluch 178, Cheryl Smith 469.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Thomas Prater 268-700, Sean Dockery 258-713, Carie Hanna 237-639, Karen Marino 226-570.

FUN CLUB: Phyllis Meonske 146-427, Janette Frederick 137-362.

FRIDAY CASINO SPRING: Dale Hahn 300-802, Ray Logsdon 300-811, Sheryl Elliott 199-550, Roberta Papczun 211l-556.

WHITE’S THURSAY SENIOR TRIO: Kevin Basom 247, Fred Endres 655, Norm Priebe 247, Bruce Prochaska 570, Robin Wise 202, Tabitha Schlupe 706, Pat Helsel 168, Pam Perry 538.

ELKS AND FRIENDS: Ryan Ambler 289, Gordon Wisen 741, Gary Kline 257, Kevin Kommel 696, Tabitha Schlupe 255-711, Karla Kommel 203-552.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Ryan Rosinski 279-652, Jon Marshall 253-697, Wanda Gehret 190-500, Shannon Robenstine 155-477.

GATEWAY CASINO SPRING: Frank Dixon 300, Bob Hartley 296-783, John McCarthy 782, Alicia Lindon 262, Alicia Lindon 671, Clara Butcher 255, Tessa Galloway 616.

ROOFING GUY: Toby Keeney 279, Scott Hensley 687, Neil Martin 267-602, Courtney Martin 254-599, Tammy Black 208, Ashley Kuhns 371.




SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Dylan Simon 114-204, Bryson Horner 88-167, Baylee Baldwin 112-238, Delante Baldwin 97-188.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Ryan Kertis 234-655, Jackson Adolph 205, Dominic Madden 493, Emily Morrison 225-529, Jordyn Brigham 182-447.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gaunther 268-490, Logan Cox 231-367, Maranda Ailes 148-275, Emilee Valerius 119, Hannah Huber 230.

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