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Striking a Balance: Leagues restart competition with turn of new year

Striking a Balance: Leagues restart competition with turn of new year


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


White’s Senior Doubles started their league over again, beginning on Jan. 2, with 32 teams for 64 total bowlers. Earning high series among the men was Wade Morrow, a substitute bowler competing with his dad, Don Morrow. The son rolled a 178-684 series. His dad grabbed the third-high-game-series, 246-570.

Sandwiched in between was Mario Laramee 255-605.

For the women, Tabitha Schlupe tossed a 257-699 and Liz Hickman a 201-484.

An unusual occurrence in the league saw Carol Pennock, Barb Reiheld and Lori Dent, all bowling against each other on the same pair, each rolling a 111 game.

Patti Andrews, Pennock’s partner, out-bowled them all, on the same pair, tossing a 144.



Duane Jordan, Tabitha Schlupe and Troy Allison were crowned the first-half champions of the Bill White’s Senior Trio League.

The Senior Trio League concluded their bowling in December and started again in January.

Champions of the second half was “This Team May be Disturbed,” with members Duane Jordan, Tabitha Schlupe and Troy Allison. The team rolled off against the first-half winners, Patti Andrews, Carol Pennock and Corky Farquhar (The Golden Girls).



Cory Daniels rolled a 300 game in the Elks and Friends League, tossing the 12 strikes on his way to a 724 high series and Bradley Woodrum led all bowlers in the Garden Spot League with his 300 high game.



In the Special Needs League, Carly Domres, Maranda Ailes and Logan Cox are often at the top of the leaderboard. All three were among the top bowlers again as the league took the break for the holidays.

When the league returned, Jarrod Gauntner led the league with a 283-423 and Hannah Huber moved into the top spot for the week with her 141-257 effort.

Among the bowlers using bumpers to help them learn to bowl, Dylan Simon rolled a 126-213 and Dakota Simon found her way to a 93-157.

The Spins Bowl Junior League, no bumpers needed here, saw Carter Flachbart rise to the top of the leaderboard as he rolled a 183-480 and CoCo Wijnhoven bowled a 167-476.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083





ELKS & FRIENDS: Corey Daniels 300-724, Tabitha Schlupe 279-764, Kevin Kommel 269-773.

ROOFING GUY: John Brown 289, Carl Logsdon 707, John McCarthy 268-707, Leslie Worthy 232, Courtney Martin 649, Ashley Cottrell 225-608.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: D.J. Madden 290-780, Wanda Gehret 208-539, Doug Wilke 276, Derrick Simon 710,

FUN CLUB: Phyllis Meonske 152-393, Elaine Wimer 143, Carol Trego 390, Paulette Rivett 138, Jeanette Frederick 351.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Thomas Prater 267-728, Rachael Hohman 225-554, Carie Hanna 236-633, Jeannie Dockery 190-525.

GARDEN SPOT: Patrick Adolph 278-769, Aleks Kiss 277-734, Bradley Woodrum 300, David Randazzo 755, Shannon Jones 266-640, Shawn Bolyard 290, Nick Williams 765, Alicia Yacono 269-637.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Lynnette Szabat 210-608, Kelly Stebner 200-558, Kelly Stebner 279-711, Cheryl Golubski 233, Sherry Tauscher 573.

WOODLAND’S TRIO: Dale Hahn 257, Doug Griffin 642, Tabitha Schlupe 257-685, Derrick Simon 257, Dale Hahn 693d

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Troy Allison 256, Chuck Yeary 672, Tabitha Schlupe 221-587, Fred Endres 248, David Senerchia 677,

KSU FACULTY STAFF: Hal Lehman 232-554, Chris Hill 181-485.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Shawn Bolyard 290, John Kertis 1,019, Lisa Osborne 238-890.

WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Wade Morrow 278-684, Mario Laramee 255-605, Don Morrow 246-670, Lou Drouhard 236-528, David Bayler 234-601, Jim May 231-567, Tabitha Schlupe 257-699, Liz Hickman 201-484, Betsy Mako 178-496, Corky Farquhar 176-484.



SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Dylan Simon 126-213, Khaliah McCoy 90-176, Dakota Simon 93-167, Baylee Baldwin 88-171.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Carter Flachbart 183-480, Brayden Burnett 175, Ryan Kertis 477, CoCo Wijnhoven 167-476, Emily Morrison 163-417.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Logan Cox 214-427, Brandon Boyett 211-377, Maranda Ailes 176-316, Carly Domres 150-245., Jarrod Gauntner 283-423, Hannah Huber 141-257.



(Entry forms and info available at Spins Bowl, Kent; Kent Lanes, Kent; and Sky Lanes, Garrettsville and online at Facebook: Portage County USBC.)

  • Feb. 11 — Portage County USBC Handicap Singles, Kent Lanes, Kent.

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