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Striking a Balance: Spotlight shines on youth leagues

Striking a Balance: Spotlight shines on youth leagues


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


The youth were back on the lanes at Spins Bowl in Kent, with many juniors owning high games and series for the week to lead their teams.

In the Bumper Division, Bryson Horner rolled a high game of 104 on his way to a two-game set of 206 to lead the youngest group of boys. The highest game and series in the league was accomplished by the girls — as Baylee Baldwin tossed a 119 and finished her morning league with a 213 series. Dakota Simon also inched into the top-two bowlers, tossing a 117 high game and a 187 series.

For the Juniors, Brayden Burnett rolled a solid 204 high game and 589 series. The 204 topped Dominic Madden by just four pins for high game. Coco Wijnhoven was the best among the girls in the junior league, rolling a 199 high game and a 529 series.

Among the Special Needs bowlers, Logan Cox (220-356) and Maranda Ailes (160-314) remained at the top of the leaderboard for the week.



It isn’t often that there is only one 300 game bowled in the week, but that was the case at Spins Bowl as David Randazzo found his way to 12 straight strikes in the Garden Spot League. Randazzo completed his league play with a 759 series.

Other top bowlers in the league included Dave Reynolds (280-752), Shannon Jones (248-690) and Stephanie Carden (246-712).

Zach Mangus almost hit the 300 mark in the Woodlands Trio League, bowling a 297 high game and a 725 series.



(Entry forms and info available at Spins Bowl, Kent; Kent Lanes, Kent; and Sky Lanes, Garrettsville and online at Facebook: Portage County USBC.)

  • Feb. 11 — Portage County USBC Handicap Singles, Kent Lanes, Kent.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text (330-206-9083





MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Kelly Stebner 221-594, Chris Stuttler 206-537.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Steve Swiger 279, Corey Schurko 279-1,040, Thomas Gallagher 1,015, Zoe Bevilacqua 234-833, Jennifer Pope 228, Olivia Brace 807.

KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Hal Lehman 234-616, Don Boland 205-561, Alex Meluch 218-600, Janelle Lehman 186-488.

WOODLANDS TRIO: Zach Mangus 297-725, Dan Ware 246-671, Tabitha Schlupe 214-639, Linda Sweet 180, Marilyn Christy 451.

GARDEN SPOT: David Randazzo 300-759, Dave Reynolds 280-752, Shannon Jones 248-690, Stephanie Carden 246-712.

FUN CLUB: Phyllis Meonske 141-342, Elaine Wimer 139-384.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Dave Senerchia 269, Fred Endres 720, Raymond Weinman 266-686, Tabitha Schlupe 300-774, Liz Hickman 198, Corky Farquhar 498.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Jerry Losh 225-584, Thomas Prater 589, Craig Gilli 214, Carie Hanna 213-608, Rachael Hohman 196, Angie Shahan 519.

ELKS AND FRIENDS: Dave Mellinger 288-751, Michael Evans 266, Kevin Kommel 733, Tabitha Schlupe 236-660, Laura Elwood 202, Karla Kommel 568.

FRIDAY CASINO SPRING: Kevvin Stoffer 300-781, Ron Spooner 787, Ray Logsdon 300, Roberta Papczun 288-713, Connie Thompson 225-571.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY; Ryan Rosinski 266-697, Zach Mangus 266, Kevin Robenstine 675, Wanda Gehret 225-539, Shannon Robenstine 158-468.

ROOFING GUY: Carl Logsdon 258-664, Ed Calhoun 255, Barry Sano 661, John McCarthy 254, Mike Cottrell 655, Kimberly Robers 229, Ashley Kuhns 221l-557, Ashlee Cottress 209-542, Courtney Martin 538.

GATEWAY CASINO: Steve McCarley 290-788, Frank Dixon 277-808, Paige Robison 253, Courtney Shirey 644, Clara Butcher 245-630.



BUMPERS: Bryson Horner 104-206, Dylan Simon 98-189, Gage Baldwin 75-145, Baylee Baldwin 119-213, Dakota Simon 117-187, Delanie Baldwin 88-170.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Brayden Burnett 204-589, Dominic Madden 200-506, Carter Flachbart 197-538, Coco Wijnhoven 199-529, Emily Morrison 153-422, Jordyn Brigham 425, McKenzie Sirianni 150.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Logan Cox 220-356, Brian Lewis 165-313, Michael McFarland 160-286, Maranda Ailes 160-314, Hannah Huber 131-220, Rachele Castner 120-229.

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