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Striking a Balance: Remembering bowling pioneer Doris Roe

Striking a Balance: Remembering bowling pioneer Doris Roe


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


It was sad news for the greater Portage County bowling community with the news of the death of Doris Roe, Portage County Hall of Fame member and so much more.


The biography, including her induction into two Halls of Fame, Portage County and Tri-County, don’t really tell the story of Roe’s love of bowling.

Roe was 98 when she died, but her obituary noted that she was a pioneer in women’s sports, earning many individual and team titles when she bowled in leagues in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Not only did Roe, who won a men’s bowling tournament with the prize, a new car, excel at bowling. She found a love for golf, starting a women’s golf league, winning many league championships and found the elusive hole-in-one that many golfers desire, but never achieve.

Love of family dominated her life and her family shared her with the many people who loved her and affectionately called her “Muttma.”

Portage Sports joins the bowling community, honoring Roe for her outstanding accomplishments and love of family and sports.



Troy Allison found his mark for a perfect game in the Perfect Fit Trio League. It was a solid competition as John Kertis missed high-game honors by one pin, firing a 299.

Despite the high games by Allison and Kertis, it was Red Krager who topped the high-series leaderboard with his 996 effort.

The women in the league were led by Zoe Bevilacqua, who had a 244-861.

The Garden Spot League found double the 300 games as both Mark Ruediger and Alex Santiago bowled the perfect dozen strikes. Ruediger (779) topped Santiago (771) for high series.

Tabitha Schlupe led the women, bowling a 246-650 closely followed by Erin Jackson’s 244 and Aleks Kiss’ 646.

It was an almost perfect game for Gary Kiss in the Elks and Friends League. Kiss rolled a 299 on his way to an 808 series.

Schlupe led the women with a 279-752. Runner-up among the men was Kevin Kommel’s 279-773, and for the women, Kommel’s mom, Karla Kommel had a 216-542.

In the Match Play Trio, Ryan Rosinski hit the 300 mark for high game and topped out the high-series leaderboard with a 758. The women were led by Shannon Robenstine’s 199-568.



Lilly Baclawski rolled a 183 high game and a 448 high series to be the best on the lanes among the girls in the Spins Bowl Junior League. The boys were led by Brayden Burnett, 203, along with Ryan Kertis, 559.

In the Special Needs League Brandon Boyett and Logan Cox shared top-of-the-leaderboard honors as Boyett grabbed high game with a 244 and Cox rolled a 446 high series.

Maranda Ailes was again the best of the girls, bowling a 163-279. Carly Domres had the second-high game, 133, and Meredith Rang tossed a 250 for the runner-up high series.

It was a Baldwin party at the top of the girls in the Bumper League as Delanie Baldwin rolled a 108 high game and Baylee Baldwin earned high series with a 194. The two were runners-up on both leaderboards, with Baylee rolling second-high game, 106, and Delanie putting two games together for second-high series, 194.



While many places focus solely on adult parties for New Year’s Eve, Spins Bowl has a family party to celebrate the arrival of 2024.

From 1 to 4 p.m. or 5 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 31, families and friends may have six bowlers on a lane with unlimited bowling. The $85 lane rental for the afternoon includes shoe rental, a large cheese pizza, a pitcher of soda with free refills and a $20 arcade card for the lane.

A countdown to the New Year is done in each session so parents, kids and others can enjoy a New Year’s experience.

The adult party starts at 9 p.m. and continues to 1 a.m. with lane rental at $95 and includes six bowlers on a lane, unlimited cosmic bowling, shoe rental, a raffle ticket per bowler with prize raffles running throughout the evening and a $20 arcade card for the lane.

Call Spins Bowl 330-673-1800 for reservations.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text 330-206-9083.





KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Eric Bollinger 218, Hal Lehman 599, Cynthia Jones 184, Betsy Mako 498.

WOODLAND’S TRIO: Nick Arlesqueeuw 269, Zach Mangus 587, Tabitha Schlupe 236-631.

GARDEN SPOT: Mark Ruediger 300-779, Alex Santiago 300, Tabitha Schlupe 246-650.

PERFECT FIT TRIO: Troy Allison 300, Red Krager 996, Zoe Bevilacqua 244-861.

MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Sherry Tauscher 243-612, Jen Henderson 553, Kelly Stebner 231.

ELKS AND FRIENDS: Gary Kiss 298-808, Tabitha Schlupe 279-752.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Troy Allison Sr. 226-652, Tabitha Schlupe 237-644.

FRIDAY CASINO: Dale Hahn 300-799, Scot Bobbs 300, Shannon Keller 229, Roberta Papczun 572.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Ryan Rosinski 300-758, Shannon Robenstine 199-568.

ROOFING GUY: Frank Dixon 257, Cory Rafferty, Courtney Martin 192-560.

FUN CLUB: Carol Trego 202-346, Paulette Rivett 192-343.

GATEWAY CASINO: Steve McCarley 298, Aaron Williamson 772, Clara Butcher 288, Alicia Lindon 662.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Jason Leyland 233, Thomas Prater 607,

Karen Marino 210, Carie Hanna.



SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Brayden Burnett 203, Ryan Kertis 194-559, Dominic Madden 531, Lilly Baclawski 183-448, CoCo Wijnhoven 164, Kylie Jackson 437.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Brandon Boyett 244, 236-446, Jarrod Gauntner 425, Maranda Ailes 163-279, Carly Domres 133, Meredith Rang 250.

SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Dylan Simon 124-225, Bryson Horner 92, Khaliah mcCoy 174, Delanie Baldwin 108-194, Baylee Baldwin 106-193.




(Entry forms and info available at Spins Bowl, Kent; Kent Lanes, Kent; and Sky Lanes, Garrettsville and online at Facebook: Portage County USBC.)

  • Feb. 11 — Portage County USBC Handicap Singles, Kent Lanes, Kent.

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