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Striking a Balance: Garrettsville’s Zerucha wins sold-out USBC singles tourney

Striking a Balance: Garrettsville’s Zerucha wins sold-out USBC singles tourney


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


The Bowl Portage USBC Handicap Singles held at Kent Lanes was sold out, with 60 bowlers competing in the qualifying, seeking a spot in the stepladder finals.

The ultimate champion was Mark Zerucha, of Garrettsville, who finished third in the qualifying and moved to the top-four stepladder finals, working his way past Taylor Hillman, Les Mann and Brandon Tomasik to capture the victory.



Tom Day, bowling in the Elks and Friends League on Thursday evenings, bowled a 300 game on his way to a 695 series.

His series was topped by both Corey Daniels (742) and Kevin Kommel (721).

Daniels also had the second high game (277).



Hal Lehman and Betsy Mako earned the top of the leaderboard for the week in the KSU Faculty Staff League, which bowls on Mondays.

Lehman fired a 255-626 and Mako led the women with a 181-498.



Bryson Horner was the best on the lanes with the help of bumpers, bowling an 89-173, with Dylan Simon close behind (87-153).

For the girls, Lilly Renkel and Delanie Baldwin shared the top of the leaderboard. Renkel bowled the high game (115) and Baldwin put together two games for a 194.



Jack Steele was 176 ins over his series average, tossing a 734. Jack Steele also improved his series, tossing a 734 that was 176 pins over his series average.

Sue Koerber rolled a 206-512 as she finished 101 pins over her average for series.

And Pam Fife rolled a 405 series that was 105 pins over her average.

The White’s Senior Doubles will roll the league’s position round as the league is halfway through their season.



We want to share your outstanding bowling scores. To be included in this column, send scores via email (golffam2@gmail.com) or text 330-206-9083.



STEPLADDER FINALS: Round 3—Mark Zerucha (3) def. Brandon Tomasik (1); Round 2—Mark Zerucha (3) def. Les Mann (2); Round 1—Mark Zerucha (3) def. Taylor Hillman.

QUALIFYING TOP 10: (top four to Stepladder Finals) _Brandon Tomasik, 532; Les Mann 514, Zerucha Mark 512, Taylor Hillman 506, 5. Eric Hughey 494, Jacob Garrett 467, Dylan Justice 483, Billy Potteiger 477, Josh Wilson 466, Kari Cottrell 456.





MIKE’S GALS-STEELASTIC LLC: Kelly Stebner 237-622, Sherry Tauscher 230-577, Dineen Rudibaugh 203, Lynnette Szabat 504.

FUN CLUB: Phyllis Meonske 148-390, Jenette Frederick 146-399.

GARDEN SPOT; Patrick Adolph 289-773, Bradley Woodrum 279, Mike Smith 73, Jeff Bardoun 278, Mark Ruediger 719, Erin Jackson 254-657, Teri Plaso 247-671, Aleks Kiss 2347, Alicia Yacono 646.

WOODLANDS TRIO: Doug Griffin 256, Scott Enlow 254-710, Derrick Simon 676, Dale Hahn 276, Marilyn Christy 213, Cindy Ables 525, Kim Stull 211, Pat Helsel 503.

KSU FACULTY-STAFF: Hal Lehman 255-628, Luke Sutliff 220-536, Betsy Mako 181-498, Cheryl Smith 173, Cynthia Jones 459.

WHITE’S THURSDAY SR. TRIO: Troy Allison 247, Bruce Prochaska 693, Skip Carl 231, Jerry Losh 619, Liz Hickman 195, Tabitha Schlupe 707, Pat Helsel 178, Pam Perry 504.

FRIDAY CASINO: Jacob Fuller 300, Roy Logsdon 796, Dale Hahn 284, Henry Hobdy 764, Connie Thompson 231-558, Roberta Papczun 216-569.

ELKS & FRIENDS: Tom Day 300-695, Corey Daniels 277-742, Kevin Kommel 721, John Marshall 268, Tabitha Schlupe 229-616, Samantha Mesko 227, Laura Elwood 224-555, Karla Kommel 534.

FRIDAY MATCH PLAY TRIO: Derrick Simon 279, D.J. Madden 279-758, Kevin Robenstine 720, Wanda Gehret 236-601, Shannon Robenstine 180-458.

HAPPY HOUR DOUBLES: Craig Gilli 261-508, Ken Sedlock 218, Sean Dockery 592, Carie Hanna 246-575, Karen Marino 204-586.

ROOFING GUY: Scott Hensley 279-791, Rod Schaaf 268, Dexter Worthy 258-726, Barry Sano 689, Courtney Martin 224-613, Ashlee Cottrell 210, Ashley Kuhns 202-589, Tammy Black 541.

GATEWAY CASINO: Aaron Wilkinson 297, Steve McCarley 806, Logan Furry 277, Frank Dixon 277-735, Hank Adams 730, Tessa Galloway 224-534, Clara Butcher 546, Courtney Shirey 220.

WHITE’S SENIOR DOUBLES: Jack Steele 734, Fred Endres 246-720, Tabitha Schlupe 256-716, Linda Harbison 187, Don Morrow 243-609, Jerry Losh 241-629, Sue Koerber 206-512, Shirley Morrow 198-460.



SPINS BOWL BUMPERS: Bryson Homer 89-173, Dylan Simon 87-153, Gage Baldwin 86-148, Khaliah McCoy 76-141, Lilly Renkel 115-17, Delanie Baldwin 99-194, Baylee Baldwin 90-171, Olivia Lemington 85, Dakota Simon 61.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Logan Cox 259-491, Jarrod Gauntner 226-379, Bobby Curry 218-406, Maranda Ailes 175-288, Meredith Rang 130-243, Hannah Huber 128-229.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Ryan Kertis 211-559, Brayden Burnett 169-471, Carter Flachbart 168-487, Coco Wijnhoven 167-468, Emma Smith 152, Emiy Morrison 161-458, Jordyn Brigham 447.

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