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Striking a Balance: White’s Senior Doubles League concludes season

Striking a Balance: White’s Senior Doubles League concludes season


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Cathy Lisic and David Bayley

White’s Senior Doubles concluded their season with an awards ceremony to honor high scores and champions.

The league had three 300 games in the final half: Fred Endres, Tabitha Schlupe and Jack Steele.

Honored for most improved average was: Barbie Hamric 129 to 138 and Jack Steele 183 to 196.

Earning the second-half league championship was the team of Cathy Lisic and David Bayley.

Everyone looks forward to starting league bowling in the fall in the White’s Senior Doubles League.



PERFECT FIT SUMMER TRIO: John Sefcik 300, John Kertis, Mark Ruediger 289, Taz Moore 930, Marissa Perrine 278-949, Aleks Kiss 258-900.

FRIDAY CASINO; Peter Negron 300-768, Keith DeVaul 298, Frank Dixon 758, Roberta Papczun 222-568, Marilyn DeVaul 577, Connie Thompson 218.

PERFECT FIT TRIO SPRING: Drew Beitzel 268-850, Parker Addison 248, Bob Szarka, Zoe Bevilacqua 223-797, Laura Elwood 177-627.

GATEWAY CASINO SPRING: Don Dent 300, Frank Dixon 785, Seth Alesi 290-764, Clara Butcher 253-662, Alicia Lindon 231-657.



BUMPERS: Dylan Simon 130-249, Gage Baldwin 101, Matthew Briggs 92-180, Gage Baldwin 101-172, Olivia Lenington 92-164, Delanie Baldwin 92-175, Baylee Baldwin 84-165.

SPINS BOWL JUNIORS: Jackson Adolph 229-564, Ryan Kertis 205-561, Emily Morrison 254-607, Jordyn Brigham 206-565.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Jarrod Gauntner 283-510, Logan Cox 253-489, Maranda Ailes 142-281, Rachele Castner 127, Hannah Huber 240.

HIGH SCHOOL MATCH PLAY: Brody Justice 257-697, Adam Walters 235, Justin Miller 627, Alannah Raffa 237-607, Abby Toronski 212, Abby Smith 537.

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