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What’s next for Portage Sports in 2023 (and how to win a signed Nick Chubb jersey!)

What’s next for Portage Sports in 2023 (and how to win a signed Nick Chubb jersey!)


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the first day of 2023, which just so happens to also be the first day of month No. 6 for Portage Sports.

The first five months have come and gone quickly for me, but they have been fun!

My hope is that you found value and enjoyed the coverage as well.

For a startup media company, the first 153 days have included plenty of accomplishments.

Many of which come with my genuine appreciation and gratitude for all of you for the immediate support you gave to Portage Sports since launching on August 1.

With the start of the new year, I thought this was the perfect time to pull back the curtain a little bit and offer some insight into the last five months, while also peeking at the goals I have set for 2023.


The idea for Portage Sports originated from a sincere intention to enhance the spotlight for local sports in Portage County.

But to do it with the foundation of compassion and enthusiasm that being locally owned provides. 

As a locally owned media outlet, Portage Sports is able to make editorial decisions quickly and at a local level that fits the desire of the local readers that have invested into supporting it.

In five months, that has allowed Portage Sports to publish 555 total stories.

That averages to 111 stories per month and almost four per day.

From a company of just one person.

As the primary content creator, that has kept me moving!

To be honest, it has been a welcomed challenge.

And an enjoyable one.

And judging by the analytics, an effort that reflects that the thirst for a deeper presentation of local sports absolutely existed in Portage County.

The need for something like Portage Sports was real.


The goal is to continue providing coverage throughout Portage County, but to also grow in 2023.

In all ways possible, including the ultimate goal of adding a full time, paid staff writer to the company.

Our ability to grow subscriptions and advertising revenue will be the two key determining factors on how quickly that hire can be announced, however.

I want to tell the great stories about the great people in Portage County that oftentimes get overlooked by other media outlets.

I care about telling your stories!

The ones that make you smile and proud to read about your own family, friends and alumni.

I have been blessed to have that opportunity for 23 years now and it is not something I ever take for granted.

If you have found Portage Sports to be valuable to your daily news cycle, possibly consider signing up for a subscription, which immediately unlocks free gifts for you!

You get a free item of your choice from the Portage Sports Shop, as well as four free tickets to seats behind home plate for an Akron RubberDucks game this summer.

For January, new subscribers can also earn a chance to win a free Cleveland Browns jersey signed by Nick Chubb that comes with a certification of verification.

Annual subscriptions will unlock 15 tickets for a raffle, monthly subscriptions will be awarded 7 tickets and a Choose Your Price subscription for less than $20 will be given 2 tickets. You can subscribe for as little as $1.

If you are already a subscriber, you can still earn a chance to win the signed Chubb jersey. By referring someone to subscribe, you can earn 5 tickets for the raffle.

These subscriptions will offer Portage Sports the opportunity to reach our goals for 2023 and continue to grow as a trusted source for local sports coverage in Portage County, where my job covering sports is as much fun now as it was for me in my first year.

Thank you for everything!

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