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1970 Rootstown Middle School boys basketball

1970 Rootstown Middle School boys basketball


The 1969-70 Rootstown Middle School boys basketball team captured the Portage County League championship.

The Rovers finished the year with a sparkling 15-2 record and also were winners of the Southeast Invitational tournament, which was hosted during the regular season.

The team was led by Keith Dunlavy, who averaged 17.3 points per game, while Mike Sharpless averaged 12.6 points.

The team included:

Front row left to right: Roy Williams, Kelly Batsch, Mark Just, Dave Pletzer.

Middle row left to right: Manager Tom King, Keith Dunlavy, Jim Luli, Mike Nigella, Bill Foote, John Brown.

Back row left to right: Coach Bob Halliwell, Marty Fleischman, Mike Sharpless, Ed Cole, Joe Schelat, Bob Schneider.

Not pictured: Randy Neiswanger, Jim Conley, Rick Huhn.

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