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1966 Ravenna Rams Junior Varsity youth football

1966 Ravenna Rams Junior Varsity youth football


The 1966 Ravenna Rams Junior Varsity youth football team.

Front row left to right: Kevin Arnette, Guy Bucci, Ronald Rex, Brent Bolyard, Jim Long, Guy Verrona, Doug Waller, Buffey Ney, Russ Svoboda, Leonard Churilla, Gene Brown.

Second row left to right: Wayne Powell, George Vickers, Rick Sheridan, John Harris, Chuck Liston, Bill Kralik, Mickey Marozzi, Tom Sisley, Tom Boggs, Arnold Chambers, Jerry Keyser, James Jordan.

Third row left to right: Steve Shardy, Dan Snivley, Bill Rudlosky, Kim Linton, John Machismo, Robert Strong, Mark Iarussi, Terry Hugill, John Cianchetti, Steve Miller.

Back row left to right: Head coach Nardy Romano, booster association president Bill Ney, director Robert Nader, assistant commissioner Carl Summers, assistant coach Jim Medusa, publicity director Charles Knight.


Not pictured: Players Mark Busher and Tom McDaniels, along with assistant coaches Joe Medusa and John Cipriano.

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