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1964 Rootstown High School football

1964 Rootstown High School football


The 1964 Rootstown High School football team finished the Portage County League season with a 4-4-1 record.

The Rovers’ slate and results included:

Week 1: Minerva, 14-14

Week 2: Streetsboro, 30-8

Week 3: Kent State, 22-8

Week 4: Field, 14-6

Week 5: Crestwood, 8-14

Week 6: Randolph, 8-14

Week 7: Windham, 8-20

Week 8: Southeast, 48-0

Week 9: Sebring, 20-42

The team pictured above included:

First row left to right: Coach Stephan, Richard Knapp, Dave Hendershot, Gary McNeil, Tom Dunn, Bob Young, Bruce Eskridge, Mark Yankovich, Lester Sommers, Ted Lashley, George Huhn, Coach Vargo.

Second row left to right: Coach Barber, Jeff Parks, Gary Farley, Tom Eddy, Dave Deitz, Earl Boston, Jim Reach, Bob Campbell, Jerry Bello, Charles Bello, Ron Letts.

Third row left to right: Dale Ferguson, Joe Davis, Doyce Decker, John Peach, Joe Miley, Frank Black, Bob Eskridge, Bob Elder, Dave Robinson, Don  Smith.

Fourth row left to right: Bob Moore, Jeff Geib, Joe Weaver, Jim Fillmore, David Greenshield, Lee Boston, Dick Young, Dave Mlynar, Bob Shadley, Mark Skuttle, Dan Scott.

The team photo was included in a football program submitted by Portage Sports supporter Chuck Ulrich.

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