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1975 Windham High School football

1975 Windham High School football


The 1975 Windham High School football team finished the season with a 2-8 overall record. The team’s schedule included:

Week 1: Southeast, 6-14

Week 2: Field, 6-14

Week 3: Rootstown, 7-6

Week 4: Garfield, 0-24

Week 5: Crestwood, 0-17

Week 6: Waterloo, 6-16

Week 7: Mogadore, 20-0

Week 8: Streetsboro, 13-27

Week 9: LaBrae, 16-36

Week 10: Newton Falls, 0-18

The team’s roster included:

Front row: D. Fincham, W. Ramsell, T. Denvir, D. Graham, J. Leigh, F. Martin, K. Kot, J. Christopher, T. Hill, E. Brennan, H. Clark, R. Waggoner, S. Riley.

Second row: B. Kot, B. Collins, D. Wert, J. Streets, R. Williams, D. Sabula, M. Kot, J. Hill, K. Pigott, B. Harris, R. Clouse, D. Ailiff.

Third row: K. Photo, F. Simcox, D. Denvir, B. Edder, K, McLean, B. Werden, G. Williams, T. Williams, B. Jones, G. Ruff, B. Hoskins, R. Hall.

Back row: K. Teeter, R. Getz, B. Skaggs, coach Omogrosso, coach Ribelin, coach Hill, B. Stone, R. Hagens, B. Everhart.

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