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1993 Field High School football

1993 Field High School football


The 1993 Field High School football team finished the season with a 1-9 record, with six of the losses coming by two touchdowns or less. Here is a look at the Falcons’ week-by-week results:

Week 1: Tallmadge, 0-17

The coaching staff for the 1993 Field High School football team, including assistant Matt Furino (front row, far right), who is the current head coach of the program.

Week 2: Manchester, 0-29

Week 3: Springfield, 7-35

Week 4: Liberty, 6-19

Week 5: Crestwood, 26-7

Week 6: Waterloo, 13-28

Week 7: Streetsboro, 6-21

Week 8: Southeast, 7-14

Week 9: Mogadore, 33-42

Week 10: Rootstown, 13-27

The team roster included:

Row one (left to right): Justin  Allen, Tim Taylor, Gabe Brown, Dave May, Dave Pickens, Jake Powers, Tom Stancil, Jerry Craver,  Bill Evans, Paul Morgan.

Row two: Brian Raymond, Ryan McDougal, Ryan Moledor, Eric Swain, Brett Leek, Tyrone Evans, Bandele Adeniyi-Bada, Mike Brown, Jeremy Anderson, Dan Stanley, Sean Ball.

Row three: Duane Vannatter, Chris Tepus, Chad Owen, Jim Early, Curt Mullaly, Rob Allison, Josh Miller, Joe Wymer, Chad Hilker, Josh Run-on.

Row four: Matt Stansberry, Chris Nay, Scott Prior, Ky Williams, Jason Stone.

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  1. Eric Caler January 13, 2024

    Row 4, 3rd frim right, former Field High, and Field Youth Football Coach, Eric Caler


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