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1977 Ravenna Rams “A” Farm Team

1977 Ravenna Rams “A” Farm Team


The 1977 Ravenna Rams youth football “A” Farm Team included:

First row left to right: Manager D. Samaco, J. Gauding, S. Berry, D. Elkins, J. Leigh, S. Emery, T. Mendleson, M. White, L. Rutter, manager T. Emery.

Second row left to right: F. Samaco, M. Sangston, J. Costello, P. Williams, T. Miller, T. Moore, J. Caicco, T. Vitrano.

Third row left to right: M. Evans, D. Kelly, C. Shellhorn, B. Christensen, J. Moore, B. Brown, V. King, H. Henderson.

Fourth row left to right: Commissioner R. emery, assistant coach D. Kenher, assistant coach M. Likens, head coach Dave Dubinsky, assistant coach M. Dubinsky.

Not pictured are D. Vicha, B. Cline and assistant coach M. Coats.


The “A” Farm cheerleading squad included:

Top to bottom: Missy Miniscalco, Diane Whaley, Andrea Ludick, LeAnn Sapp, Kim Reed and Jennifer Reed.

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