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Jenna Fesemyer celebrates six-star marathon accomplishment

Jenna Fesemyer celebrates six-star marathon accomplishment


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


Jenna Fesemyer has many credentials, honors and awards that follow her name: Paralympian, OHSAA state champion, doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign College of Applied Health Sciences, accomplished marathon competitor and OHSAA clinic organizer are just a few.

The list is as long as it is amazing if you were to attempt to describe her career.

She is not done either.

This week, she completed the six-star marathon, crossing the finish line in the 2023 Berlin Marathon in 1:44:34.

“I’ve seen many versions of myself throughout this six-star journey,” said Fesemyer.

The marathons include: 2016 Chicago Marathon 2:18:11; 2017 Boston Marathon 1:59:52; 2020 London Marathon 1:52:16; 2023 Tokyo Marathon 1:44:17 and the 2023 Berlin Marathon.

The “Abbott Six Star Finisher Medal” is the prestigious award given to marathon competitors who successfully complete all six of the world’s major and most renowned marathons.

“The marathon distance has been one of my favorite teachers,” said Fesemyer. “It’s humbling. It requires 100 percent of your focus and effort. It also won’t let you pull any punches.

“Each of the versions of myself deserve great honor and gratitude,” Fesemyer added. “All of them have shown me that this sport is so much bigger than the miles that are clocked out on the road.”

The Southeast High School graduate (Class of 2015) is the daughter of David and Cindy Fesemyer of Charlestown.

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