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Track and Field: Portage County’s regional qualifiers

Track and Field: Portage County’s regional qualifiers


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


Here is a list of high school boys and girls track and field regional qualifiers from Portage County, along with their event, result and placement at the district meet.





Andrew Snyder, high jump, 11-6, 4th place

Leo Sesuraj, long jump, 21-1, 2nd place

Jaxson Rhea, shot put, 47-0, 4th place

4×100 Relay (Luke Geyer, Ishaan Shaik, Quincy John, Andrew Snyder), 43.58, 4th place


Kassidy Fry, high jump, 5-2, 2nd place

4×800 Relay (Sydney Langell, Elizabeth Phillips, Amelia Kilway, Eva Logan), 10:04.43, 4th place

Sydney Langell, 1,600 meters, 5:16.21, 2nd place

Ella Cicero, 400 meters, 56.79, 1st place

Isabelle Leindecker, 400 meters, 59.81, 4th place

Ella Cicero, 200 meters, 26.13, 3rd place

Sydney Langell, 3,200 meters, 11:37.55, 2nd place

4×400 Relay (Hannah Salgado, Eva Logan, Isabelle Leindecierk, Ella Cicero), 4:03.00, 2nd place





Daniel Doering, discus, 132-10, 1st place

Daniel Doering, shot put, 46-1.75, 2nd place

James Durham, 110 hurdles, 15.29, 3rd place

Augie Schweickert, 800 meters, 2:00.58, 4th place


Madison Sheridan, shot put, 32-9.5, 4th place

4×800 Relay (Abby Guyette, Myla Simpson, Madie Grace Gonczy, Piper Seibold), 10:06.60, 2nd place

Liv Martini, 100 meters, 12.55, 2nd place

Piper Seibold, 1,600 meters, 5:35.41, 4th place

Liv Martini, 400 meters, 59.16, 1st place

Liv Martini, 200 meters, 26.08, 2nd place

4×400 Relay (Abby Guyette, Myla Simpson, Jackie Blasiole, Liv Martini), 4:13.63, 3rd place





Camden Radeschi, discus, 141-11, 2nd place

Trevor Dixon, long jump, 20-10.5, 2nd place

4×800 Relay (Evan Pruszynski, Billy Silk, Lucas Pollard, Sean Silk), 7:56.32, 3rd place

Camden Radeschi, shot put, 47-11.25, 2nd place

Trevor Dixon, high jump, 6-4, 1st place

Logan Border, 110 hurdles, 15.05, 1st place

Lucas Pollard, 110 hurdles, 15.51, 2nd place

Sean Silk, 1,600 meters, 4:21.69, 3rd place

Billy Silk, 800 meters, 1:56.92, 2nd place

Lucas Pollard, 300 hurdles, 40.01, 1st place

Cedric Martin, 200 meters, 22.71, 4th place

4×400 Relay (Cedric Martin, Billy Silk, Sean Silk, Evan Pruszynski), 3:31.76, 3rd place


Raegan Daugintis, discus, 117-10, 2nd place

Lauren Schneider, discus, 104-3, 4th place

Emma Norman, 100 meters, 12.76, 4th place

4×100 Relay (Raegan Slusser, Savannah Rahe, Mya Kramer, Emma Norman), 51.15, 4th place





Ollie May, pole vault, 11-6, 1st place

4×200 Relay (Deacon Sommer, Christian Gallagher, William Simon, Keegan Sell), 1:31.18, 4th place

Christian Gallagher, 300 hurdles, 41.38, 2nd place


4×800 Relay (Olivia Rowe, Abigail Kolar, Rylie Turner, Kathlene McMayon), 10:32.85, 1st place

Hannah Kernig, high jump, 5-0, 1st place

Lille Shackelford, shot put, 36-0.5, 2nd place

Riley Grace, shot put, 33-1.5, 4th place

Hannah Kernig, 100 hurdles, 17.84, 4th place

4×200 Relay (Emily Seni, Rylie Turner, Emily Seni, Ruby White), 1:53.60, 4th place

Kathlene McMayon, 1,600 meters, 5:45.58, 2nd place

Olivia Rowe, 1,600 meters, 5:46.69, 3rd place

Rylie Turner, 400 meters, 1:01.80, 3rd place

Kathlene McMayon, 800 meters, 2:35.82, 3rd place

Olivia Rowe, 800 meters, 2:36.95, 4th place

Evan VonBergen, 3,200 meters, 12:13.89, 2nd place

4×400 Relay (Abigail Kolar, Olivia Rowe, Kathlene McMayon, Rylie Turner), 4:23.61, 4th place

Elise Edwards, discus, 110-9, 2nd place

Hannah Timmons, discus, 106-9, 3rd place





Jeremy Rieger, pole vault, 12-4, 2nd place

Micah Sheller, 300 hurdles, 40.30, 4th place


4×100 Relay (Londan Portis, Mikaila Kerr, Mahlia Friedman, Kaidyn Harris), 49.73, 3rd place





Jason Garvin, long jump, 19-7.5, 2nd place

4×200 Relay (Anthony Schwind, Jason Garvin, Zehe Cameron, Cole Barcus), 1:36.60, 3rd place

Cole Barcus, 400 meters, 53.39, 4th place

Anthony Schwind, 300 hurdles, 42.05, 3rd place


4×800 Relay (Kasey Bolyard, Katie Lane, Brook McIntyre, Emma Quillen), 9:38.93, 2nd place

Amelia Morris, 100 meters, 16.76, 4th place

4×200 Relay (Julie Tompkins, Brook McIntyre, Hayli Clester, Ari Tompkins), 1:44.95, 1st place

Julie Tompkins, 400 meters, 58.03, 2nd place

Ari Tompkins, 400 meters, 58.49, 3rd place

Katie Lane, 800 meters, 2:18.21, 3rd place

Julie Tompkins, 200 meters, 26.49, 4th place

4×400 Relay (Julie Tompkins, Brook McIntyre, Katie Lane, Ari Tompkins), 3:58.14, 1st place





Bobby Melzer, discus, 132-0, 2nd place

Bryant Thompson, long jump, 20-0.5, 1st place

Bobby Melzer, shot put, 50-3.75, 1st place


Samantha Weber, 200 meters, 26.06, 3rd place





Aiden Rodstrom, 300 hurdles, 41.82, 2nd place


Brooklynn McIntyre, shot put, 40-4.75, 1st place

Brooklynn McIntyre, discus, 123-2, 3rd place

Colbie Curall, long jump, 15-4.25, 4th place

Alex Biggin, 100 meters, 16.18, 3rd place

Melanie Plecko, 200 meters, 25.99, 1st place





Julia Wheeler, 3,200 meters, 11:25.30, 1st place





4×800 Relay (Eric Tiller, Chris Daniels, Braden Hodge, Charles Ivory), 8:20.99, 3rd place

Job Gibson, high jump, 5-11, 3rd place

Preston Laryea, high jump, 5-11, 4th place

Garrett Tiller, 100 meters, 10.87, 1st place

4×200 Relay (Garrett Tiller, Kylan Rue, Devon White, Preston Hopperton), 1:29.39, 2nd place

Charles Ivory, 400 meters, 51.21, 3rd place

Garrett Tiller, 200 meters, 21.69, 1st place

4×400 Relay (Eric Tiller, Mario Puleo, Braden Hodge, Charles Ivory), 3:27.90, 1st place


4×800 Relay (Cara Tiller, Meredith Mattmuller, Madelyn Hajec, Kendall Epple), 10:10.00, 3rd place

Kaleigh Lilly, discus, 102-1, 3rd place

Carman Marcini, long jump, 16-7.75, 2nd place

Olivia Johnson-Wilson, 10 hurdles, 15.90, 2nd place

4×200 Relay (Cara Tiller, Sydney Sullivan, Kendall Epple, Samyra Smith), 1:48.52, 1st place

4×100 Relay (Mackenzie McIntosh, Carman Marcini, Sunni McKenzie, Samyra Smith), 51.44, 3rd place

Kendall Epple, 400 meters, 1:01.75, 4th place

Olivia Johnson-Wilson, 300 hurdles, 48.23, 3rd place

4×400 Relay (Sunni McKenzie, Madelyn Hajec, Kendall Epple, Cara Tiller), 4:11.41, 2nd place





4×200 Relay (Matthew Ralston, Evan Gallagher, Bobby Harouff, Keyshawne Anderson), 1:34.77, 4th place


Tess Rodenbucher, 100 meters, 13.60, 3rd place

4×100 Relay (Sienna Ross, Ava Reynolds, Courtney Eisenbraun, Tess Rodenbucher), 54.20, 4th place





Carlos Bruton, high jump, 6-1, 3rd place


Briah Daniel, shot put, 39-3.25, 2nd place

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