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Softball: 7th annual Gold Glove award winners

Softball: 7th annual Gold Glove award winners


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


An elite defensive player in the field is one of the most invaluable commodities a team can dream to have.

There is no way to effectively quantify the amount of runs saved, abbreviated base-running advancements or rallies thwarted that a defensive gem protects.

Int he word of analytics in sports, maybe we are not too far away from a “runs saved” statistic — almost like a reverse RBI metric.

Even without it, it is easy to identify an elite player with the glove.

When you see it, you know.

And the best of the best are so valuable that their award is made of gold.

The Gold Gloves.

And this year’s winners are presented below, as I proudly introduce my 7th annual High School Softball Gold Glove winners.




Senior shortstop

Notable Statistics: .933 fielding percentage.

Coach Leroy Moore: “Reluctantly, Aimee came to the infield at my request to shore up our infield and although I miss her speed and range in the outfield and her ability to throw a ball fro mthe outfield to home in the air, she has also impressed us with her range and ability to throw runners out from deep in the hole because of her strong arm. She will be greatly missed when she graduates this year.”




Senior catcher

Notable Statistics: 1 error in 37 chances.

Coach Beth Dyer: “Bailey does a great job holding the runners on bases, blocking balls and taking charge. She is tough, works hard and you can count on her to do a great job every game.”




Senior centerfielder and shortstop

Notable Statistics: 2 errors in three years as a starter.

Coach Tina Downing: “Kyndall is a talented fielder with an amazing ability to get a good read and jump on any hit. Her speed and athleticism allow her to cover a lot of ground in the outfield. Although an outfielder for much of her career, she was willing to transition to shortstop when her team needs her. She has great skill in fielding balls in the dirt as well, with an accurate and strong arm. Kyndall is an upbeat leader, who is always there for her team both on and off the field.”




Junior catcher and third base

Coach Jeff Fankhauser: “Olivia does an exceptional job with our pitchers. She is one of the leaders on our defense and does an incredible job blocking balls and stopping base-runners from advancing.”




Sophomore pitcher, shortstop

Coach Chloe Kramer: “Whitney is a key contributor to our team with her defense, bat and base-running. She brings leadership through her had work ethic, which has a positive influence on the team.”




Junior centerfielder

Coach Paige Byers: “Abby is a leader in the outfield. She is constantly communicating with her teammates on the field and ensuring the team knows the next defensive play. She always gives max effort and has made several diving plays in centerfield this year to stop extra-base hits and runs from scoring.”




Senior third base

Notable statistics: 1 error this season.

Coach Erin Muncy: “Jade is extremely reliable at third and plays the position with confidence. She is one of the leaders of our infield.”




Junior outfielder, catcher

Notable Statistics: .933 career fielding percentage; 1.000 fielding percentage this season.

Coach Matthew Helm: “Samantha is one of the few players we have that has a green light at all times on the field. She is also willing to layout for any ball to make a game-saving or run-saving catch.”



Junior shortstop

Coach Brenda Flarida: “Morgan is a leader in out infield. As a three-year starter at shortstop, she leads the infield and has a wide range and a great arm. She is a strong shortstop and is constantly working to improve.




Sophomore shortstop, third base, pitcher

Notable Statistics: .900 fielding percentage.

Coach Thomas VanKirk: “Quinn is a driven, hard-working player. She is very coachable and a leader by her consistent effort, smart, communication and love for the game and her team. She has extremely quick feet and hands, and she rarely makes an error or is out of position. She is a player we can put at any of the nine positions, including pitching and catching and she will excel. She has a high-level softball IQ and adjusts well on the fly. She has all the tools: Strong arm, fast runner and is our lead-off hitter.”

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