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Girls Basketball: 2022-23 All-Glue Girl Team

Girls Basketball: 2022-23 All-Glue Girl Team


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


Winning teams make winning plays.

It seems like such a simple idea.

But in order to make winning players, you need winning players.

Players that are willing to do whatever it takes no matter how big or small the spotlight is for their efforts.

Some of those players are more special than the average player.

Some players are willing to leave some skin on the floor.

Some players are willing to step in to take a painful charges.

Some players are willing to be the screen-setter so that their teammate gets the attention for scoring the basket.

Some players are willing to cheer loudly from the bench, wishing they were on the court, but ultimately just happy to see the team succeeding no matter who is making it happen.

Some players are able to maintain positive body language as a primary source of leadership — even when everything has gone against them for minutes.

These are players that very well may be good scorers, too, but have the special ability to make their impact felt on a game without the need to score.

They are the extra coach on the floor.

They are the strong communicators amongst their peers.

They are the ones that believe anything is possible, then get their teammates to believe the same thing.

They are the glue that hold teams together no matter what the circumstances.

With that, I proudly present to you my 10th annual All-Glue Girl Basketball Team.




5-foot-8, sophomore, forward

Coach Erika Greenberg: “Julia is an extremely passionate and dedicated player. She has worked hard the past year to improve her game and her work in the off-season is showing through her game play this year. She competes as hard as she can everyday in practice and games, she is coachable and truly wants feedback on how to improve her game. She is a vocal leader and is always positive on and off the court. She has been a pleasure to coach the last two years, and we are so excited to see where her next two will take her.”




5-foot-10, sophomore, guard

Coach Thomas Henderson: “Hannah gets us going on both sides of the ball. She is so talented offensively, but her basketball IQ on defense is so fun to watch. She uses her knowledge and length to get deflections, steals and blocks. She has the ability to spark the team on both sides of the floor.”




5-foot-6, sophomore, guard

Coach John Misenko: “Abby is our point guard and is our leader on and off the floor. She pushes the ball, plays hard and holds her teammates accountable.”




6-foot, senior, forward

Coach Aaron Gilbert: “Madeline is the leader and glue of our team. Her role on the team cannot be undervalued and her versatility allows us to play many styles and defenses. She willingly sacrifices personal stats for team success. Madeline is a great example of what makes our program successful and her leadership has been essential, especially this season with so many new players in more demanding roles.”




5-foot-8, junior, guard

Coach Craig Foreman: “Arie is one of our top defenders, who can also knock down a 3-pointer, as well as make things happen off the dribble. She is a glue player for sure, because she will play any position we ask, never complains about anything and just loves being out there and making an impact in any way she can. She also is a quiet leader that everyone loves being around. Arie is an excellent example of a true Rough Rider and a true glue player.”




5-foot-8, senior, forward

Coach Jennifer Ritch: “Jocelyn is one of our top defensive players and always gets the assignment of guarding the other team’s best forward or guard, depending on matchups. She is intelligent, hard working and a great team player. She works hard on the boards and is often leading in rebounds per game. But as her coach, I am most grateful for the things Joc does behind the scenes that other people don’t always see. She is the first one in the gym to help set up for practice or talk about film and strategize, she is the first person to offer a ride to an underclassmen or help with any extra work that needs to be done, and she always helps out with the youth basketball players and program in her free time.”




5-foot-6, junior, guard

Coach Courtney O’Donnell: “Abby is a very coachable kid and does the little things. She listens and tries her best to employ the fundamentals we work on. She is one of our hustle players that will dive on the floor and also be a leader when needed.”




5-foot-4, senior, guard

Coach John Zelenak: “Kylie does everything we ask of her without any questions. She has done it all. She has been asked to do many different jobs to help our team get off to a successful start. She has been the point guard. She anchors the zone defense we play. She typically guards the opponent’s best scorer. She is labeled as our best shooter. She is a member of NHS. She models the correct demeanor and body language on and off the court daily. She is the calming voice in the locker room when times get tense. She finds a way to get reps during the off-season. This kid truly does whatever we ask for the betterment of the Rover family.”




5-foot-10, senior, forward

Coach Craig Nettleton: “Anna helps us in so many ways. She is a terrific leader on and off the court. She can play all five spots and can score inside and outside. With all that being said, her biggest asset is her unselfishness.”




5-foot-6, senior, forward

Coach Carl Singer: “In perv ious years, this has been a tough decision, but this year it was pretty easy. Reanne is the only senior we have this season and has consistently been one of our hardest-working players every year. She goes up against players in practice and games that have six inches on her and she comes away with rebounds all the time. Reanne has earned her role as a captain and has the respect of every player on the team.”




5-foot-1, junior, guard

Coach Kevin Longanecker: “Lilly is, no doubt, one of the best defenders in Northeast Ohio. Every night, she is guarding someone bigger than her and often, when the evening is over, the opposing player is left wondering what just happened. While she may be small in stature, she is big in heart and is a person of tremendous character. Lilly is a leader in  many ways that do not show up in the stats. She is continually diving on the floor for loose balls, deflecting passes and stealing from many on the dribble. She also leads the locker room by continually bringing verbal and physical energy to the team. She is regularly encouraging her teammates and leading by setting a tremendous example. Lilly models, daily, what Waterloo basketball stands for.”




5-foot-6, junior, forward

Coach Jimie Collins: “Abby does all the things that a glue player does, and her work ethic is top notch. She plays hard the whole time she is on the floor.”

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