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Girls Basketball: 2023-24 All-Glue Girl Team

Girls Basketball: 2023-24 All-Glue Girl Team


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor

Winning teams make winning plays.

It seems like such a simple idea.

That is not always the case, though.

But in order to make winning plays, you need winning players.

Players that are willing to do whatever it takes no matter how big or small the spotlight is for their efforts.

Some of those players are more special than the average player.

Some players are willing to leave some skin on the floor.

Some players are willing to step in to take painful charges.

Some players are willing to be the screen-setter so that their teammate gets the attention for scoring the basket.

Some players are willing to cheer loudly from the bench, wishing they were on the court, but ultimately just happy to see the team succeeding no matter who is making it happen.

Some players are able to maintain positive body language as a primary source of leadership — even when everything has gone against them for minutes.

These are players that very well may be good scorers, too, but have the special ability to make their impact felt on a game without the need to score.

They are the extra coach on the floor.

They are the strong communicators amongst their peers.

They are the ones that believe anything is possible, then get their teammates to believe the same thing.

They are the glue that holds teams together no matter what the circumstances.

With that, I proudly present my 11th annual All-Glue Girl Basketball Team.



5-foot-3, junior, guard

Coach Erika Greenberg: “Brooke has brought amazing, positive energy to our team this season. She is the first player to pick a teammate up or give words of encouragement. Brooke’s energy is contagious and has positively impacted our team this season. She was injured her freshman and sophomore seasons so it is such a pleasure to have her healthy and playing well this year.”



5-foot-4, senior, forward

Coach TJ Henderson: “Lilly plays with all heart. She is willing to do all the little things to support and help the team be successful. She sets screens, jumps on loose balls and never backs down from anyone.”



5-foot-7, junior, forward

Coach John Misenko: “Ally is tasked with guarding the opponent’s best player. She is a leader for us and impacts games in a variety of ways.”



5-foot-7, senior, forward

Coach Aaron Gilbert: “Kali is one of the most important players to our team. She’s not a stat-stuffer, but her presence on the floor, her basketball IQ and her leadership are some of the qualities she brings to our team. She is a hard worker and always one of the loudest voices at practice and during games. Kali is truly a remarkable teammate and a difference-maker for us.”



5-foot-9, senior, forward

Coach Craig Foreman: “Maddie is one of our captains, who truly embodies the role of leader. She may never have a ton of stats in the book at the end that show, but she embodies the mindset of all-glue, doing the little things and truly being the vocal positive force a young team needs. She always can be counted on to get people in the right spots and direct the defense that we pride ourselves on. She starts at small forward, but will play most positions by the end of the game. She is a great role model that knows the importance of being there for her teammates on and off the court. She also is a mega competitor that plays through pain to be there with her team. Playing with her sister also helps bring the ‘family’ mindset we cherish in our program as her ‘big sister’ mentality helps lead the team.”



5-foot-6, senior, forward

Coach Jen Ritch: “Olivia is one of our co-captains this year, and she is definitely counted on to be our level-headed leader. She works extremely hard on both ends of the court and 100 percent accepts and excels at the role she has been given. She often leads our team in defensive stats, and she has been asked to take on more of a facilitating role this season as both a guard and primary inbound. She is a top-notch defender, rebounder and she has an excellent outside shot. As her coach, I am beyond grateful to have her leadership, especially considering how unstable our season has been so far, as Olivia is a player we can always count on to show up and take care of business.”



5-foot-2, senior, guard

Coach Joe Leonard: “Melanie is a quick point guard, with a high basketball IQ and she makes good decisions with the ball. She is an exceptional defender and a very good teammate and leader for us.”



5-foot-6, junior, guard

Coach Ashley Callihan: “Alex brings a lot of toughness to our team, especially on defense. She is often relied upon to defend the opposing team’s best guard, but is also not afraid to defend in the post. She has really stepped up for us in times of need and always does the little things that don’t always show up in the stats — like diving for loose balls, getting deflections and is a great communicator. Alex is also a great teammate, who brings energy and positivity, which is vital to our young team.”



5-foot-3, senior, guard

Coach Carl Singer: “Cara is one of the toughest and most unselfish players I have ever coached. She is willing to do whatever the team needs her to do to help us win regardless if it is to score points or take a charge. Cara has battled through injuries the last two seasons and even though she was never 100 percent, that didn’t stop her from doing everything that she could with a positive attitude. Her determination through that process set an amazing example to everyone on our team and is a testament to her amazing work ethic. As a senior this year, Cara continues to lead by example and while her numbers don’t show the impact she has on our team, all you have to do is ask our players about her to know much she means to us.”



5-foot-6, senior, forward

Coach Jim Collins: “Abby plays hard regardless of the position she is asked to play. Oftentimes she is required to guard the other team’s post player, guard or forward. She is always willing to sacrifice her body for the benefit of the team. She’s the first player setting the screen, taking a charge, diving on the floor or getting that crucial rebound. Her high-motor and positive attitude makes coaching easier and more fun. Abby is an exceptional teammate and person.”

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