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Boys Tennis: Aurora finishes as runner-up at Suburban League Tournament

Boys Tennis: Aurora finishes as runner-up at Suburban League Tournament


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer

The Aurora boys tennis team earned the runner-up spot in the Suburban Boys Tennis League Tournament hosted by Highland High School on Friday in Medina.

The Greenmen’s Vincent Cannata proved his top seed was well earned, as he worked his way through the bracket and ultimately defeated Luke Butcher, of Highland, 6-3, 6-2.

Aurora’s Chris Cifani lost a close match to Sam Lazbin of Revere (6-2, 7-5) to take the runner-up spot in the Second Singles.

Aurora was again vying for the championship in the First Doubles, with Jonah Shanholtzer and Kade Morgenroth taking the spot, losing only to Revere in the championship, 6-2, 6-2. 

The Greenmen’s Second Doubles team also finished in the runner-up spot, bested by Revere’s team 6-2, 6-2.

Overall, Revere earned the championship and Aurora landed in second by only three points (36-33).

Kent Roosevelt finished in sixth place at the league tournament.

Next up for the boys tennis teams will be the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s Division II sectional tournament, which are scheduled for May 6-11. The seeding and tournament draw will be held on Sunday.


(At Highland High School, Medina)

AMERICAN LEAGUE: Revere 36, Aurora 33, Highland 32, Copley 25, Tallmadge 23, Kent Roosevelt 13, Cuyahoga Falls 11, Barberton 7.

CHAMPIONS: First Singles—Vincent Cannata, Aurora def. Luke Butcher, Highland 6-3, 6-2.

Second Singles—Sam Lazbin, Revere def. Chris Cifani, Aurora 6-2, 7-5.

Third Singles—Colin McDonald, Revere def. Oliver Sverko, Highland 6-0, 6-2.

First Doubles—Dan Choi/Truman Voris, Revere def. Jonah Shanholtzer/Kade Morgenroth, Aurora 6-2, 6-2.

Second Doubles—Anish Chandran/Anant Adury, Revere def. Joel Fletcher/Tommy Cogley, Aurora 6-2, 6-1.

FIRST SINGLES (finals): 1. Vincent Cannata, Aurora; 2. Luke Butcher, Highland; 3. Dean Williams, Copley; 4. Tyler Kobb, Tallmadge; 5. Deven Gupta, Revere; 6. Ethan Young, Kent Roosevelt; 7. Ryan Cargould, Cuyahoga Falls; 8. Ruud Castillo, Barberton.

SECOND SINGLES (finals): 1. Sam Lazbin, Revere; 2. Chris Cifani, Aurora; 3. Sawyer Sulzener, Highland; 4. Sean Nguyen, Copley; 5. Joel Sonii, Tallmadge; 6. Owen Belby, Cuyahoga Falls; 7 Abdullan Dhmany, Kent Roosevelt; 8. Ryan Pleatcher, Barberton.

THIRD SINGLES (finals): 1. Colin McDonald, Revere; 2. Oliver Sverko, Highland; 3. Kevin Bender, Tallmadge; 4. Ben McGeowan, Copley; 5. Connor Emrick, Aurora; 6. Iris Hite, Cuyahoga Falls; 7. Lyle Witt, Barberton; 8. Mick Oldham, Kent Roosevelt.

FIRST DOUBLES (finals): Dan Choi/Truman Varis, Revere; 2. Jonah Shanholtzer/Kade Morgenroth, Aurora; 3. Jared Bryan/Keaton Jones, Highland; 4. Diego Ugarte/Ben Bodish, Copley; 5. Adam Khan/Austin Housel, Kent Roosevelt; 6. Charles Best/Colin Campbell, Tallmadge; 7. Anthony Bond/Anthony Armbruster, Barberton; 8. Dylan Good/Evan Jacobsen, Cuyahoga Falls.

SECOND DOUBLES (finals): 1. Anish Chandran/Anant Adury, Revere; 2. Joel Fletcher/Tommy Cogley, Aurora; 3. Ian Schuler/Liam Wright, Highland; 4. Jacob Bishop/Rasis Samai, Tallmadge; 5. Michael Molnar/Diego Guerrero, Copley; 6. Ben Baron/Benny Levandowski, Kent Roosevelt; 7. Vuk Kunarac/Cameron Whitlock, Cuyahoga Falls.

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