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Boys Basketball: 2022-2023 All-Glue Guy Team

Boys Basketball: 2022-2023 All-Glue Guy Team


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor

Winning teams make winning plays.

It seems like such a simple idea.

That is not always the case, though.

But in order to make winning plays, you need winning players.

Players that are willing to do whatever it takes no matter how big or small the spotlight is for their efforts.

Some of those players are more special than the average player.

Some players are willing to leave some skin on the floor.

Some players are willing to step in to take a painful charges.

Some players are willing to be the screen-setter so that their teammate gets the attention for scoring the basket.

Some players are willing to cheer loudly from the bench, wishing they were on the court, but ultimately just happy to see the team succeeding no matter who is making it happen.

Some players are able to maintain positive body language as a primary source of leadership — even when everything has gone against them for minutes.

These are players that very well may be good scorers, too, but have the special ability to make their impact felt on a game without the need to score.

They are the extra coach on the floor.

They are the strong communicators amongst their peers.

They are the ones that believe anything is possible, then get their teammates to believe the same thing.

They are the glue that hold teams together no matter what the circumstances.

With that, I proudly present to you my 12th annual All-Glue Guy Basketball Team.



6-foot, senior, guard

Coach Joe Nowak: “Zach’s vocal and by-example leadership guides the team every day. He is extremely competitive and consistently pushes himself and his teammates to do as well as they can each day. He’s definitely a glue guy for us.”



5-foot-8, junior, guard

Glue Statistics: 8 charges taken.

Coach Josh Jakacki: “Ty does a lot of the dirty work for our program. He typically guards the other team’s best offensive player and often he is not as big or as strong as his opponent. He attacks his opponent with quick feet and hands and does a nice job keeping them off their comfortable spots. He has taken eight charges and is really good on the boards. We are at our best when Ty is attacking on both ends.”



6-foot, senior, guard

Coach Steve Beshara: “We’ve been playing eight guys lately, so Lundon has not received a lot of minutes. Despite that, he maintains a great attitude, always practices hard and keeps us together on game night.”



6-foot-1, senior, guard

Glue Statistics: 4 charges taken.

Coach Andy Olesky: “There’s an absolute reason why he is a two-time recipient of this award. Vinnie’s constant motor, intense effort, selfless attitude and team-first willingness are a driving force behind much of what we do. He often draws the defensive assignment of the opposing team’s best player or most imposing big. He accepts that role and excels. Offensively, Vinnie’s leadership and selfless demeanor is priceless to our team-first approach, emphasis on ball and body movement and helping each other. Vinnie is no doubt our glue guy.”



6-foot-2, senior, forward

Coach Curtis Black: “Charlie is the heart of our team. A scrappy defender who scores when he needs to and does whatever is asked of him. He is an extremely hard worker and student-athlete who leads by example in every way. Every day Charlie’s mission is to get himself and our team 1 percent better and his effort speaks truth to that. He has made a huge impact on our program, and we are thankful to have his leadership on the court, in our locker room, in the hallways and in the classroom.”



5-foot-10, junior, guard

Coach Russ Swartz: “Layne is our leading scorer (17.8 ppg) and has made 20 3-pointers in six games. He is also 11-for-12 from the free-throw line. He is not only our leading scorer and shooter, but he has a special work ethic and sets the example for his teammates everyday he is in the gym. It doesn’t matter if it is a game, practice or workout, Layne gives 100 percent 100 percent of the time. He is the true definition of a quiet leader.”



6-foot-, senior, forward

Glue Statistics: 3.4 assists per game, lock-down defender.

Coach Marlon Jones: “Pavel is the definition of a glue guy. He is our engine. We go as he goes. Over the years, we have preached to him to play with emotions, but not emotional and it is finally clicking. He is infectious, and he is our leader.”



5-foot-10, senior, guard

Coach Cody Calhoun: “As our lone senior, Cole has embraced his role as a leader this season. He has always been a player who gives 100 percent effort, and he has improved as a vocal leader this year as well. In games, he is often tasked with having to guard the other team’s best perimeter player, as well as help handle the ball. During practice, Cole goes out of his way to help his teammates learn our plays and concepts in an way that he can help them. Off the court, he helps keep a positive mindset within our team even though we haven’t gotten off to the start we wanted to. Through his effort and actions, Cole has earned the respect and trust of all of his teammates this season.”



6-foot-3, senior, forward

Glue Statistics: 6.3 rebounds per game.

Coach Mike Matisi: “Riff keeps ups together from the inside out. When he’s playing well, our team is usually winning. Everyone loves him, and he will do anything for his teammates.”



5-foot-11, senior, guard

Coach Nick Marcini: “Colby is our heart and soul. I’ve never had a player that works as hard as this kid. He’s our leader and the player that all of our younger players should look up to. He relishes being the game that has to guard the opposing team’s best player and thrives at it. He won’t be the guy who shows up in the box score every night as far as scoring goes, and he’s OK with that. No one will ever outwork Colby. If we get all these kids to work as hard as he does on a daily basis, we will be very successful going forward. This guy is tough as nails. I love him.”



6-foot-1, senior, forward

Coach Jason Wise: “Aidan is a quiet kid that just does everything that is asked of him. He guards the other team’s best player every hight and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bigger, stronger post or a smaller, quicker guard, he is going to battle on every possession. He gives us about five points, two steals and four rebounds per game. His quiet nature doesn’t show it, but he truly cares about winning and his effort proves that every night.”



5-foot-11, senior, guard

Glue Statistics: 3.8 assists per game, 2.7 steals per game, 3 charges taken, 12 blocked shots.

Coach Cody Apthorpe: “Chase has worked hard to improve his body and is a force driving to the rim, pulling up from mid-range and has consistently shot well from beyond the arc. He is one of our primary ball-handlers and overall leaders of the team. He’s an absolute workhorse, playing four to five sports every year. He is a great example for younger guy sto look up to and represents a true Bomber.”

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