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Baseball: 8th annual Gold Glove Award winners

Baseball: 8th annual Gold Glove Award winners


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


As important as a batter is that hits for power and average, having a player star on the defensive side of the field is a luxury that coaches wish they could share across all nine positions.

These are the players that make the difficult plays look easy.

The players that make the impossible possible.

The players that win games for their teams.

Flashing the leather on the baseball diamond is a skill that separates the playmakers from the players.

And the best are so valuable that their award is made out of gold.

The Gold Gloves.

And this year’s recipients are presented below, as I proudly introduce my 8th annual High School Baseball Gold Glove winners.




Senior, shortstop

Notable Statistics: .951 fielding percentage, 61 total chances, 14 assists, 44 putouts, 3 errors, 4 double plays.

Coach Trent Dalton: “Jameson has been a three-year starter and has really stepped it up, not only defensively, but offensively. He has a tremendous glove and arm that allows him to field balls deep in the hole and throw runners out. His presence up the middle makes our infield better than ever. I believe his tremendous glove work, range, arm and mind for the game will allow him to see time early at Marietta next year.





Senior, catcher

Notable Statistics: 105 total chances, 4 assists, 101 putouts, 1.000 fielding percentage, 0 errors, 1 double play.

Coach Trent Dalton: “Dom has been a three-year starter, and he went through some growing pains his sophomore year as he was put in a difficult situation when our senior catcher went down with an injury. It allowed him to be the player he is this season. His ability to see the game from pitch to pitch is outstanding. He has great arm strength, which causes base-runners to be cautious on the base path. There are not many balls that get to the backstop when he is behind the plate and runs have to be earned when he is catching. Dom has a tremendous mind for the game and will have a very successful college career.”





Sophomore catcher/outfield

Notable Statistics: .980 fielding percentage, only 5 passed balls in 1,800-plus pitches received.

Coach Chris Stanley: “He is by and large our most versatile fielder. He can play anywhere on the field. He has the perfect disposition for a catcher: Hard nosed, not afraid to get in front of a ball and is learning what it takes to be an effective signal-caller and game manager. He has made tremendous strides since filling the void after we lost our starting catcher in the preseason.”





Junior, shortstop

Notable Statistics: .948 fielding percentage, 58 total chances, 33 assists, 22 putouts, 3 errors, 5 double plays.

Coach Joe Peterson: “Grady is the real deal at short. He has great feet, great hands, as well as a good arm. He can make the tough plays that are in the hole, as well as the tough, slow rollers that he is able to attack with his tremendous athletic ability and body control. He is a tremendous competitor that leads our team extremely well.”





Senior, infield

Notable Statistics: Has played first base, second base, shortstop, pitcher, centerfield.

Coach Mike Paes: “Eric is a true baseball player through and through. He knows he is going to the net level to pay ball and puts in the effort needed to help him get there and help the team win. Eric is a four-year starter that will truly be missed in the program.”





Senior, utility

Notable Statistics: .937 fielding percentage, 79 total chances, 65 putouts, 9 assists, 3 double plays.

Coach Mike Haney: “Due to graduation and injuries, we have had to move Scottie from first base to second base, third base and right field. All positions he has never played in his high-school career. His versatility has been invaluable, and he’s done it voluntarily to help a young team. He has been the epitome of leadership, as he helps everyone on the field around him regardless of where he is playing.”





Senior, catcher

Notable Statistics: .993 fielding percentage, 123.2 innings caught, 5 base-runners caught stealing.

Coach Mike Haney: “Ryan has caught all but three innings this year due to a hit-by-pitch he took in the head and having to leave with concussion symptoms. After returning from protocol, he has been nothing but a warrior behind the dish for us. He is a “catch and throw” guy, who controls our base paths. The work that he has put into becoming a sensational blocking catcher has allowed a young staff to grow up without fear of balls getting to the screen. A verbal leader on and off the field, but it’s what he does physically that sets the standard for our program.”





Senior, outfield

Defensive Statistics: .900 fielding percentage, 29 total chances, 2 assists.

Coach Chris Williams: “Corey’s speed allows him to cover ground and make catches on balls that would normally drop in for hits. His arm strength holds batters to singles, and he has the ability to turn routine sacrifice flys into double plays. His leadership on the field is a big reason for our success.”





Sophomore, catcher

Notable Statistics: .946 fielding percentage, 77 putouts, 93 total chances.

Coach Lee Lovejoy: “Matt has been a workhorse for us this year behind the plate, catching every inning for our team. Matt saw time last year as a freshman, but this year, he has taken his defensive side of the game to the next level. He has worked hard to progress and leave no doubt, he is our guy behind the plate.”





Senior, utility

Notable Statistics: .951 fielding percentage, 61 total chances, 3 errors.

Coach Keith Waesch: “Austin is the definition of a baseball player. He works very hard on his game and can play every position that a lefty can play on defense. We’ve asked Austin to transition from the outfield, when he’s not pitching, to first base and he’s done an outstanding job. He’s a true team player and is also having a tremendous season at the plate.”





Senior, pitcher

Notable Statistics: 1.45 ERA, .205 opponents’ batting average.

Coach Chris Scisciani: “Jack is a three-year letterman that has been First Team All-MAC and Second Team All-District.”





Junior, shortstop

Notable Statistics: 26 assists, 18 putouts.

Coach Jeremy Randles: “Aric is a tremendous athlete that has a lot of range at shortstop. He has made some great plays there the last two seasons, including several double plays and backhand plays. He takes control of the infield.”





Senior, utility

Coach Jake Eye: “Anthony has played every position on the field this season and has excelled at all of them. He has made some tremendous plays at first base in the games in which he has played the position. He is a plug-and-play type of player, with the versatility to pitch on occasion. He has had a solid season for us this year.”

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