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Sarchione Chevrolet Garrettsville’s Getting to Know: Southeast boys golf coach Mike Jenior

Sarchione Chevrolet Garrettsville’s Getting to Know: Southeast boys golf coach Mike Jenior


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


“Getting to Know” is an ongoing series created to spotlight the coaches and administrators that are guiding today’s Portage County student-athletes to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Today, we get to know Southeast High School boys golf coach Mike Jenior, who is in his 7th season as the leader of the Pirates.



Q: Hometown?

A: Rootstown, Ohio.



Q: High school?

A: Rootstown High School. Class of 2004. Played golf, bowling, cross country and track and field.



Q: College?

A: Baldwin Wallace. Class of 2008. Degree in Sport Management.



Q: Current occupation?

A: Head golf professional at Olde Dutch Mill Golf Course in Lake Milton.



Q: What inspired you to become a coach?

A: The number of life lessons that can be learned through playing sports for your high school and community are immeasurable.



Q: What makes being a coach at Southeast special to you?

A: Being from Rootstown, I know how important these rivalries and contests are to these athletes and communities. There is so much school pride that spans generations, and I am honored to be part of Pirate Nation.



Q: Who has been your biggest influence as a coach?

A: Coach (Keith) Waesch from Rootstown. He truly knew how to get the best out of all of his players and led by example on and off the course. He always had a calming and positive attitude leading up to and during matches and tournaments.



Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your playing days?

A: Coach (Doug) Mori would always hunt for golf balls for players on the team who were low on them during our matches. One match against Woodridge, he must have found 300 golf balls while we were playing. The manager of the course found out and told Coach Mori that he had to surrender his golf balls to the course since “Ball Hocking” was not permitted or he would not be welcomed back. Well, needless to say, Coach Mori called her bluff, and we had to find room in the team van for all 300 golf balls. He was still welcomed back the following season.



Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your coaching career?

A: The seniors always plan something funny for Senior Night. One year, they decided to all show up in cutoff jean shorts for our Senior Night match. They gifted me a pair of jean shorts to wear that had the word “COACH” bedazzled across the back in pink jewels, which I agreed to wear for the entirety of the match at Olde Dutch. That is the one and only time those will see the light of day.



Q:  Favorite TV show?

A: Justified.



Q: Favorite movie?

A: Tin Cup.



Q: Favorite musical artist?

A: Eric Church.



Q: Favorite meal?

A: My wife’s enchiladas.



Q: Best vacation?

A: Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge.



Q: Shoutout to former teammates?

A: Ben Jenior, Chris LeComte, Nick Edington, Logan Vair, Kevin Kummel.



Q: Favorite quote?

A: “Don’t worry that children never listen to you. Worry that they are always watching you.” — Robert Fulghum.



Q: Describe your coaching philosophy?

A: I put a real focus on attitude. Attitude alone can determine the success of a team — from the coach to the players. Attitude is the one thing we have control of at all times that no one can change unless we allow it to be changed.



Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: I am partial to Olde Dutch Mill’s burgers.



Q: Favorite teacher from high school?

A: Mr. Mori.



Q: Advice you would give the younger version of yourself?

A: Be a little more outgoing.



Q: Favorite coach from your playing days?

A: Coach Waesch.



Q: Coaching resume?

A: Southeast High School boys golf head coach (7 seasons); Rootstown High School boys bowling assistant coach (2 seasons).



Q: Favorite sports team?

A: All Cleveland teams.



Q: Favorite athlete then?

A: Tiger Woods.



Q: Favorite athlete now?

A: Justin Thomas.



Q: First job as a teenager?

A: Cart boy at Paradise Lake Golf Course.



Q: Family member that always gave you the best advice?

A: My mom.



Q: Halloween costume last year?

A: I was Bob Ross and my wife was a happy tree.



Q: Favorite video game?

A: Halo, but it has been awhile.



Q: Can you play any instruments?

A: Novice guitar player.



Q: Favorite candy?

A: Reese’s Cups.



Q: First car?

A: 1994 teal Ford Taurus.



Q: Most memorable moment as a player?

A: Winning a playoff at the district golf tournament to qualify for state and going on to finish seven and earn All-Ohio honors.


  1. David M. Benjamin December 15, 2023

    Always classic, Sue…Nice Job!!!

  2. Rich Brumbaugh December 15, 2023

    You know those kind of people that you look forward to talking with because they are easy to talk to and you always walk away in a good mood? Well, Mike is one of those . Such positive energy.


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