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Sarchione Chevrolet Garrettsville’s Getting to Know: Waterloo baseball’s Jeremy Randles

Sarchione Chevrolet Garrettsville’s Getting to Know: Waterloo baseball’s Jeremy Randles


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


“Getting to Know” is a regular Portage Sports feature created to spotlight the coaches and administrators that are guiding today’s Portage County student-athletes to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Today, we get to know Waterloo High School baseball head coach Jeremy Randles, who is in his second season leading the Vikings’ program.


Q: Hometown?

A: Orrville, Ohio.




Q: High school?

A: Orrville High School. Class of 1994. Played golf and baseball.



Q: College?

A: University of Akron. Class of 1999. Degree in Criminal Justice.


Q: Current occupation?

A: Owner of Miracle Clean Services.


Q: What inspired you to become a coach?

A: I want to help teach and mentor kids in the sport of baseball.



Q: What makes being a coach at Waterloo special to you?

A: Waterloo is a great school and the Atwater and Randolph communities are very similar to the small town I grew up in. The support the community gives is second to none. Everyone helps each other. All you have to do is ask.



Q: Who has been your biggest influence?

A: My biggest mentor as a coach was my high-school coach, Coach Remenaric. He pushed his players to get max effort out of them everyday. It wasn’t always easy, but looking back, I respect him a lot more now. He always had a quote or saying of the say, and he would say it at the beginning of practice and if we could not say it back — word for word — at the end of practice, we had to keep running. I do this at Waterloo, and I think the boys have done a way better job remembering the quote than I ever did in high school.



Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your playing days?

A: I took a ball off the race in a high-school game. I was playing right field, and I lost the ball in the sun and it hit me right in the eye, giving me a black eye.



Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your coaching career?

A: I actually tripped a kid once rounding third base. I was screaming and pointing for him to round the bag and go home, and I got too excited and too close to the bag and he tripped over me.



Q: Favorite TV show.

A: Channel 3 news at 11. It is usually my only opportunity to catch up on what’s going on in the world.



Q: Favorite movie?

A: Rudy.



Q: Favorite musical artist?

A: Alabama.



Q: Favorite meal?

A: A good cut of filet mignon.



Q: Best vacation?

A: We used to go to Holden Beach in North Carolina every year when I was a kid, and I have some great memories from those days.



Q: Shoutout to former teammates?

A: Jeremy Grimm, Mark Hershey, Derrick Hochstetler, Kevin Maag.



Q: Favorite quote?

A: “Regarding commitment, you’re either in or out. There’s no such thing as a life in between.” — Pat Riley.



Q: Describe your coaching philosophy?

A: To treat everyone with respect and hold everyone accountable from the coaches down to the players. Nothing is given. Everything is earned.



Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: The Basement in North Canton.



Q: Favorite teacher from high school?

A: Mr. Young (Algebra).



Q: Advice you would give the younger version of yourself?

A: It will never be easy, but keep on pushing and grinding and good things will happen. Don’t be afraid to take chances, because they can really pay off.



Q: Favorite coach from your playing days?

A: My summer coach growing up: David “Slink” Santmyer. He kept things light, while still pushing us to be our best.



Q: Coaching resume?

A: I have coached travel baseball for 13 years — mostly high-school ages. I also run my own travel organization, and we have six teams. This is my second year at Waterloo as varsity baseball coach.



Q: Favorite sports team?

A: Duke Blue Devils basketball, Ohio State Buckeyes football.



Q: Favorite athlete then?

A: Christian Laettner.



Q: Favorite athlete now?

A: LeBron James.



Q: First job as a teenager?

A: I worked at the Orr Theater in Orrville.



Q: Family member that always gives you the best advice?

A: My brother, Josh.



Q: Halloween costume last year?

A: Baseball coach, of course.



Q: Favorite video game?

A: Mike Tyson’s Punchout.



Q: Can you play any instruments?

A: I really don’t play instruments, but I have been told I sing really well. I once auditioned for the  show “The Voice” and made the first cut.



Q: Favorite candy?

A: Peanut M&M’s.



Q: First car?

A: 1983 Ford Escort.



Q: Best friend?

A: My wife is my best friend and my three kids as well. Any free time I get, I love spending it with them.



Q: Most memorable moment as a player?

A: Playing in the All-Star Game when I was in Hot Stove.



Q: Most memorable moment as a coach?

A: Coaching 18U a few summers ago, we were losing 13-4 in the last inning of a championship game and our team rallied to tie it. As it was getting dark, I knew we had one shot to win it or accept a tie. I called a squeeze bunt and it worked, and we won 14-13. Always play to the lat out and my guys did that.

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