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Bonsky Heating and Cooling Athlete of the Week: Crestwood basketball’s Dekota Johnson

Bonsky Heating and Cooling Athlete of the Week: Crestwood basketball’s Dekota Johnson


Crestwood sophomore Dekota Johnson is currently averaging 21.3 points per game this season.
Sheila Mathers/Special to Portage Sports

By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


The story is really only beginning for Dekota Johnson.

Just a sophomore, the Crestwood boys basketball standout has already emerged as a dynamic offensive score, but head coach Josh Jakacki insists that his underclassmen is still an unfinished product.

Furthermore, Johnson has already shown the desire and work ethic that actually may push him even past his potential.

What a scary thought for Red Devils opponents that have already become accustomed to Johnson scoring at a rate of 22 points per game.

“Dekota is determined to be his best and puts the work in,” Jakacki said. “That is why he scores as he does.”

Johnson is a player that lives in the gym because he loves the game.

His dedication to become a good player was not a switch his simply flicked. He has been working on his game since he was very young.

“We knew as a youngster that he had the potential to be really good,” said Jakacki, who also referenced the Johnson families deep connection to basketball.

Father James was a standout for the Red Devils during his era, while mother Tammy loves the game, older brother Austin was “one of the best shooters we’ve coached,” according to Jakacki, while fifth-grade sister Taegyn is talented and 2-year-old brother Zane already lives in the gym.

With a “quiet and unassuming” personality, Johnson channels his voice through basketball.

When you can show through your actions that you are one of the team’s hardest workers, you don’t have to circle back to tell people about it.

They will see it.

And Jakacki sees it in Johnson.

“It doesn’t define him, but he wants to be the best,” Jakacki said. “He has worked as hard as many of our past greats and years to be better. I love that ab out him. Coaches love players that put in the time, but also that put in the time when we aren’t around.”

Johnson checks the box next to self-motivated and it is vindicated by the time he puts in during the off-season and outside of the Devils’ regular practice schedule.

“He is determined and wants to win,” Jakacki said.

Which is part of the future Johnson wants for himself and his teammates.

It is part of potential that still waits for him.

He knows it.

His family knows it.

And the league knows it.

“Once he polishes his game, he will be unguardable,” Jakacki said. “He will not allow himself — neither will we — to be satisfied with where he’s at, because where he is going as a player is so fun to imagine.”

Remember, the story is only beginning.

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