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1948 Rootstown High School football

1948 Rootstown High School football


The 1948 Rootstown High School football team.

The team was coached by John Small and finished the year with a 1-6-2 record, with the following results:

Week 1: Brewster, 0-26

Week 2: Freedom, 18-6

Week 3: Windham, 6-6

Week 4: Garrettsville, 0-0

Week 5: Randolph, 6-25

Week 6: Atwater, 7-35

Week 7: Suffield, 0-19

Week 8: Ravenna Township, 0-6

Week 9: Coventry, 0-25

The group is pictured in front of the current Rootstown Middle School, which served as the township’s high school from 1917 through 1966.

If you have information for player names and assistant coach names, please email me at tomnader@portagesports.com.

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