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Mogadore graduate Tarter finishes 19th at 103rd Ohio Open

Mogadore graduate Tarter finishes 19th at 103rd Ohio Open


By Susan Jenior

Staff Writer


On the final day of the 103rd Ohio Open, hosted by the Northern Ohio PGA at the Westfield Country Club, there was another change at the top of the leaderboard.

Drew Salyers, of Howard, moved to the top of the remaining 62 golfers, firing a 68 on his final day for a total 10-under-par for 54 holes and a one-stroke victory over Jake Scott of Strongsville, Paul Wackerly of Minerva and amateur Andrew Bailey of Shaker Heights.

Nathan Tarter, a Mogadore High School and Malone University alumnus, fired rounds of 68-68-71 for a final 207, 3-under-par. Tarter tied for 19th place with D.J. Holub and Jake Scott, both of Twinsburg. Tarter and Holub both won the Portage County Junior Amateur before they entered college and became golf professionals.

Next up on the schedule for the golf professionals are the Club Car/Pepsi #6 tournament at Kirtland in Willoughby on Monday and the third Senior Reunion of golf professionals at Riceland in Orrville on July 11.

103rd Ohio Open Championship
July 1-3, 2024
Westfield Country Club

Final Results

 1    Drew Salyers            Howard, OH               67-65-68–200 -10 

 T2   Jake Scott              Strongsville, Ohio       66-68-67–201 -9  

 T2   Paul Wackerly           Minerva, OH              71-64-66–201 -9  

 T2   Andrew Bailey (a)       Shaker Heights, OH       71-62-68–201 -9  

 T5   Carson Bellish (a)      Pickerington, OH         69-66-67–202 -8  

 T5   Daniel Wetterich        Cincinnati, OH           68-63-71–202 -8  

 T7   Michael Balcar          Toledo, OH               65-68-70–203 -7  

 T7   Andrew Dorn             Cincinnati, OH           67-67-69–203 -7  

 T7   Trent Tipton            Grove City, OH           69-64-70–203 -7  

 T10  Leo Walling (a)         Powell, OH               72-65-67–204 -6  

 T10  Kevin Hall              Cincinnati, OH           66-68-70–204 -6  

 T10  Maxwell Moldovan        Uniontown, OH            65-68-71–204 -6  

 T10  Jake Fox                Cincinnati, OH           67-65-72–204 -6  

 14   Thomas Bell (a)         Bowling Green, OH        66-70-69–205 -5  

 T15  Nolan Haynes (a)        Barberton, OH            72-66-68–206 -4  

 T15  Blake Sattler           Dover, OH                70-68-68–206 -4  

 T15  Solomon Petrie (a)      Akron, OH                71-69-66–206 -4  

 T15  Zach Burton (a)         Dublin, OH               67-70-69–206 -4  

 T19  Tyler Sabo (a)          Ashland, OH              69-70-68–207 -3  

 T19  TT Crouch               Fredericktown, OH        71-67-69–207 -3  

 T19  DJ Holub                Twinsburg, OH            70-66-71–207 -3  

 T19  Jaysen Hansen           Twinsburg, OH            67-70-70–207 -3  

 T19  Nathan Tarter           Akron, OH                68-68-71–207 -3  

 T19  Bryce Reed (a)          Sunbury, OH              71-71-65–207 -3  

 T25  Palmer Yenrick          Oregon, OH               67-72-69–208 -2  

 T25  Rylan Wotherspoon (a)   Cincinnati, OH           72-66-70–208 -2  

 T27  Nick Piesen (a)         Strongsville, OH         71-67-71–209 -1  

 T27  Connor Curry            Mount Vernon, OH         70-68-71–209 -1  

 T27  David Wetterich         Cincinnati, OH           72-68-69–209 -1  

 T27  Adam Horn (a)           Milford, OH              68-72-69–209 -1  

 T27  Sam Arnold              Cincinnati, OH           70-68-71–209 -1  

 T27  Dhaivat Pandya (a)      Dayton, OH               69-73-67–209 -1  

 T33  Dylan Van Fossen        Norwich, OH              72-67-71–210 E   

 T33  Hayden Zimmerer         Dayton, OH               72-66-72–210 E   

 T33  Daniel Mosher           Canton, OH               73-67-70–210 E   

 T33  Ali Khan (a)            Westerville, OH          65-67-78–210 E   

 T33  Tyler Jones             Westerville, OH          69-73-68–210 E   

 T38  Griffin Mitchell (a)    New Albany, OH           69-70-72–211 +1  

 T38  Mason Frazier (a)       Wooster, OH              70-68-73–211 +1  

 T38  Avery Schneider         New Albany, OH           74-64-73–211 +1  

 T38  Bob Sowards             Dublin, OH               72-69-70–211 +1  

 T38  Sean McGuire            Twinsburg, OH            71-71-69–211 +1  

 T43  Kyle Smith (a)          Akron, OH                70-68-74–212 +2  

 T43  Mikkel Mathiesen (a)    Beavercreek, OH          71-69-72–212 +2  

 T43  Bradley Chill Jr. (a)   Columbia Station, OH     73-67-72–212 +2  

 T43  Ray Dress (a)           Medina, OH               73-68-71–212 +2  

 T43  Mike Auterson           Milford, OH              69-72-71–212 +2  

 T43  Ajay Morris (a)         Cortland, OH             72-70-70–212 +2  

 T49  Matthew Wininger        Westerville, OH          72-67-74–213 +3  

 T49  Ben Cors (a)            Wooster, OH              71-71-71–213 +3  

 T51  Rika Batibasaga         Mount Vernon, OH         71-69-74–214 +4  

 T51  Ryan Troyer             Dover, OH                69-71-74–214 +4  

 T51  Anthony Conaway         Clevland, OH             72-65-77–214 +4  

 T51  Joe Puch                Medina, OH               72-69-73–214 +4  

 T51  Ryan Norkin (a)         Dublin, OH               71-70-73–214 +4  

 T51  Timothy Ailes           Delaware, OH             71-70-73–214 +4  

 T57  Carter Mishler (a)      Millersburg, OH          68-72-75–215 +5  

 T57  Brody Simms (a)         Dayton, OH               75-66-74–215 +5  

 T57  Alex Weiss              Pickerington, OH         73-69-73–215 +5  

 T57  Jack Herceg (a)         Dublin, OH               72-70-73–215 +5  

 61   Howard Clendenin (a)    Fairlawn, OH             72-70-74–216 +6  

 T62  Ken Keller              Youngstown, OH           72-68-78–218 +8  

 T62  Stephen Gangluff        Bellfontaine, OH         74-68-76–218 +8

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