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Charles Auto Family’s Getting to Know: Field softball and volleyball’s Beth Dyer

Charles Auto Family’s Getting to Know: Field softball and volleyball’s Beth Dyer


Field softball head coach Beth Dyer (center) shows a plaque celebrating her 300 career softball wins while being recognized at a football game earlier this season.
Shannon Eldreth/Special to Portage Sports


By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


The “Getting to Know” series is designed to help the community learn more about the coaches and administrators that are guiding today’s Portage County student-athletes to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Today, we get to know Field High School volleyball and softball coach Beth Dyer, who is in her 15th season leading the Falcons’ softball program and sixth season as the Falcons’ volleyball coach.


Q: What schools did you attend growing up?

A: Rootstown Local School District. Graduated in 1997.


Q: College? Play sports?

A: I graduated from the University of Akron and played softball for two years at West Virginia Wesleyan College.


Q: College degree?

A: My college degree is in middle childhood education, grades 4 through 9 for science and history. My Master’s is in the Art of Teaching.

Q: Current occupation?

A: I currently teach ninth grade World History and Physical Science at Field High School.


Q: What inspired you to be a coach?

A: My passion for sports, the opportunity to work with young student-athletes and be a positive role model for other young females. I want my athletes to see that it is possible to coach and have a family. There are sacrifices, but with help and understanding from family, you do your best to make it work.


Q: What makes being a coach at Field special to you?

A: Without a doubt, it is the athletes. Our athletes are hard working, want to compete and want to be pushed. Plus, they are fun to be around. I also have been blessed to have great families of the athletes I have coached.


Q: Who has been your biggest influence/mentor as a coach?

A: My dad. He has taught me how to coach whether he knows it or not. He is respected, can relate to the players and gets along with anyone. He is always a professional, but knows when to have fun.


Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your playing days?

A: When I was 12, I was playing at Firestone Stadium. I was on first base and the batter bunted the ball so I took off. My coach at third base was waving me to go to third and wanted me to slide. I slid, broke my leg (this was before pop-up bases) and the ball ended up being foul.


Q: Funny story nobody would believe from your coaching career?

A: Not really a story, but I am pretty superstitious. When we get into our pregame circle, everyone stands in the same place as they did the year before. We usually have to shuffle some people around the first time each year. The new kids to varsity look at us like we are not normal.


Q: Favorite TV show?

A: The Crown.


Q: Favorite movie?

A: Remember the Titans.


Q: Favorite musical artist?

A: Carrie Underwood.


Q: Favorite food/meal?

A: New Jersey pizza.


Q: Favorite restaurant?

A: Texas Roadhouse.


Q: Best vacation?

A: There are two. Any Mexico vacation with our whole family is always fun and going to the Clearwater Softball Invitational and watching some of the top college softball teams in the country play.


Q: Favorite motto or quote?

A: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”


Q: Describe your coaching philosophy?

A: This has evolved over the years. I think establishing a culture that is based on hard work, respect and enjoying what you are doing is important. The athletes need to know that you care about them as a whole person, not just as athletes. If they believe that you care about them, I think they will work harder for you. I also believe that the coaching staff sets the example. We show up to practice with enthusiasm, we are prepared each dan and we continue to be students of the game. I think that when your athletes see your passion, it becomes contagious.


Q: What does it mean, to you, to be a Falcons student-athlete?

A: I want all student-athletes to be able to look back at their high-school career and have memories that make them smile. I hope they form some lifelong relationships along the way and have pride in what they accomplished.


Q: Favorite teacher from high school?

A: Mrs. Wagner.


Q. Advice you would give the younger version of you?

A: Take some time to enjoy it all. I think when I was younger, I was always looking ahead and didn’t fully enjoy and appreciate what was right in front of me.


Q: Favorite coach from your playing days?

A: Bobby Eckert, Dave Wetzel and my dad.


Q: Favorite sports team?

A: Cleveland Guardians.


Q: Favorite athlete now?

A: Lisa Fernandez.


Q: Favorite athlete now?

A: Francisco Lindor — love his energy and enthusiasm.


Q: First job as a teenager?

A: Subway sandwich artist.


Q: Coaching resume?

A: Field High School softball coach (2007-present), Field High School JV softball coach (2005-06), Field High School volleyball coach (2017-present), Field middle school volleyball coach (2005-08), Rootstown High School JV volleyball coach.


Q: Shoutout to former players.

A: To some of my former players from my first year of being a head coach: Samantha Wilson, Lauren Feciuch, Tabitha Murray, Arielle Kenyon, Morgan Moore, Sami Brown, Kelsey Stopp (2nd year of coaching).

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