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Crestwood spotlights eight seniors with special college-signing event

Crestwood spotlights eight seniors with special college-signing event


Crestwood seniors (left to right) Emily Linamen, Henry Hoover, Kelsey Downs, Noah Baker, Elaine Guyette, Bella Leister Zeleznik, Jayden Julian and Reagan Mory all signed their letters of intent on Friday morning.
Sheila Mathers/Special to Portage Sports

By Tom Nader

Publisher and Editor


Eight Crestwood seniors signed their letters of intent on Friday in a special event hosted inside the high school’s library and attended by family, friends and coaches.

The spotlight was given to Noah Baker, Kelsey Downs, Elaine Guyette, Jayden Julian, Bella Leister Zeleznik, Emily Linamen, Reagan Mory and Henry Hoover.

Each received an individual opportunity to sign their letters as they were introduced and highlighted by Crestwood athletic director Troy Spiker.

Here is a detailed look at each of the eight:



College: Wittenberg University.

Sport: Lacrosse.

Thank You List: “My mother Tiffany, father Scott, football coaches, Resolute club team coaches and all teammates from all sports for pushing me.”

Comment: “I am very excited and looking forward to play a sport that in college that I was not able to play for my high school. I am also excited to see and meet my new teammates and go after a new opportunity.”



College: Hiram College.

Sport: Track and Field (jumps).

Thank You List: “My mother Sheryl, father Mike, sisters Allison and Natalie and all the coaches for every sport I play.”

Comment: “I am excited to continue sports in college and just the new challenge it will be. I am also excited for the new opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.”



College: Hiram College.

Sport: Cross country and track and field (running).

Thank You List: “My mother Kristin, father Larry, coach (Karlie) Poole, coach (Jim) Schweickert and all of my friends.”

Comment: “I am excited to meet all of my new teammates, get into the training, improve my times and to meet and work with all of the coaches.”



College: Hiram College.

Sport: Soccer.

Thank You List: Mother Casey, father Jeff, coach (Eric) Sway and all of my club coaches.”

Comment: “It will be really exciting to start something new, and I hopeful that even though I am a freshman, that I can earn some time on the field.”



College: Hiram College.

Thank You List: “My mother Carrie Leister, father Jamie Leister, coach Jackson and coach Wilcox.”

Comment: “I am definitely feeling a lot of excitement about everything. It will be a new chapter for me, with a different team and it will be different taking on the freshman role again.”



College: Muskingum University.

Sport: Bowling.

Thank You List: “My grandmother Vivian, coach Jessica Pottinger and my mother Christina and father Jeremy.

Comment: “I am very proud of myself that my hard work created this opportunity. I am excited to expand in my sport and enjoy a new experience with a whole new team.”



College: Hiram College.

Sport: Soccer.

Thank You List: “My mother Alli and father Chris, and also coach (Eric) Sway and my sister Ava.”

Comment: “I am excited to play for a new team, get to know my new taeammands and the opportunity to compete against tough competition.”



College: Malone University.

Sport: Cross country and track and field.

Thank You List: “My mother Sue, father Hank, all of my coaches and all of my teammates and friends.”

Comment: “I can’t wait to get started, meet my new team and to just go for a new opportunity.”

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